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Global Winter Wonderland

Global Winter Wonderland is an incredible vacation experience that will take place at Cal Expo from November 18 to January 7. If you’re looking for a modern twist on classic Christmas magic, bring the whole family to this entertaining display.

About Global Winter Wonderland

Truly one of the most impressive holiday displays in the region, Global Winter Wonderland combines cutting-edge technology, world-class entertainment, and fantastic displays for one great show. The event is organized by the International Group for Cultural Exchange, headed by founder Lulu Huang. When Huang moved to the US as a teenager, the native Chinese executive wanted to plan a spectacular representation of various cultures that represent the diversity of California. Global Winter Wonderland has been shown in Santa Clara, Atlanta and now Sacramento, known as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation.

Things to see

The Worlds of Light section is the most popular destination in Global Winter Wonderland. The Global Village features the largest structures in the world illuminated with countless lights. Exhibits include the Eiffel Tower and Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral. After you’ve visited the illuminated beauty of world travel, head over to the Holiday Fun section to see snowmen, reminders, and more representing Santa’s town. For a complete change of pace and to thrill your little ones, check out the Dinosaur exhibit, where these legendary species are making an impressive comeback.

The Worlds of Lights also features a rich history of Chinese lantern festivals and nightly entertainment, attractions, shopping, and international foods that revolve around a nightly theme.

The entertainment is as diverse as the visitors to the event, with the Circo de la Luz. These acrobats, jugglers, fire dancers and contortionists from around the world will amaze you with their performances that take place on stages around the park every night. There are also musical guests.

Games and games are also available at Global Winter Wonderland, with more than 30 options. Trips require 3-5 individual tickets (approximately $ 1 per ticket), or you can purchase an unlimited travel bracelet. Exciting and family-friendly attractions are available, and it’s a great way to enjoy Global Winter Wonderland both at night and before the sun goes down.

Wonderful meals

All those games and entertainments will help whet your appetite, and luckily, Global Winter Wonderland has plenty of destinations for delicious food. Choose from the following cooking options:

  • Traditional carnival (hot dogs, pizza, kettle corn, nachos, etc.)
  • Barbecue
  • Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Thai
  • DIY Pizza
  • Greek
  • French
  • Candy factory

From the picky eater to a true culinary adventurer, there is something tasty for everyone in the area of food. There is also a full bar with imported spirits from around the world for guests 21 and over.


Vendors come from all over the world to display their handicrafts and specialty products representative of their home countries. These people who travel will offer the opportunity to purchase truly unique and captivating holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

Thematic days

Each week of Global Winter Wonderland comes with elaborate themed days appropriate for the whole family. Check their website for the most up-to-date schedule.

Tickets and general information

As of September 7, 2017, ticket information is not yet available for the 2017 event. Please check the ticket section of the website for the most up-to-date information.

Global Winter Wonderland is open on weekends from early December to early January.

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