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Go to the cinema in Germany

Going to the movies is basically the same everywhere, basically. Visiting a German kino (cinema) has some unique qualities and knowing them beforehand can help sweeten the popcorn (literally, popcorn is sweet! See the snack section below).

These are the best tips for going to the cinema in Germany.

Choosing a cinema in Germany

Whether you want a movie created in the historic Studio Babelsberg, like the Grand Hotel Budapest, or an international blockbuster, there is a movie theater for you. Our comprehensive list of historic and arts cinemas can help you decide where to go in Berlin.

Know that your choice will be judged by your German film partners. A large commercial theater may be the only place showing the latest superhero movie, but award-winning independent films are best played in unique theaters. There are also several theaters that act as the venue for the country’s most prestigious film festival, Berlinale. A spectacular setting throughout the year, they are a true destination during the February festival.

Film release dates in Germany

Germany gets just about every major release it would expect in places like the US. USA While releases often take a few weeks, or at most a few months, it will occasionally premiere before a movie’s US release.

In addition, more international films receive a great premiere in Germany. Look for native German movies and offerings from France, Italy, Japan, etc.

When looking for a movie, keep in mind that it may have received a German name change. For example, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” became ” Ferris macht Blau ” and the German title for Animal House is ” Ich glaub ‘, mich tritt ein Pferd ” (I think a horse kicked me ”).

German cinema ticket prices

Karten (tickets) normally cost around 8 euros, but can be much higher during peak hours or for additional features like IMAX or 3D. Other common add-ons include € 0.50-1 for online shopping, € 1 for 3D glasses, and a small charge for movies over 2 hours.

Moviegoers can find discounts at Kinotage (discounted movie days). They are usually from Monday to Wednesday, depending on the theater. There may also be a discount for students or seniors if you can present ID.

Note that movie tickets generally come with a seat reservation. You can request a specific area or seat and the cashier will offer suggestions. Certain desirable sections charge a small additional fee.

English Movies in Germany

Dubbing a movie ( synchro ) is very common in Germany and although large cities have many cinemas in English, it can be almost impossible to find movies in English in smaller cities.

While this may be annoying for English speakers and film purists, there is something interesting about dubbed movies. If you see Brad Pitt in his many films dubbed into German, it will always sound the same. Specific German voice actors are assigned to an actor and his career is linked to the success of that actor.

When looking at the movie listings, there is a code that will help you identify English movies, subtitled, etc.

  • OV / OF ( Originalversion / Originalfassung ) – In original version without dubbing / subtitles
  • OmU ( Original mit Untertiteln ) – Original language with German subtitles
  • OmE / OmenglU ( Original mit englischen Untertiteln ) – Original version with English subtitles

Cinema snacks in Germany

Once you’ve found the theater, identified the movie you’d like to see, patiently waiting for the release date, and browsing through the purchase of seats and tickets, you need the right snack to complete your theater visit.

Common candy and soda options include the classic popcorn movie theater. But this savory favorite is often sweetly renewed in Germany. Similar to the cauldron of corn, the Wizard will ask if you like popcorn (sweet) or salzig (salty). And don’t be surprised if it comes pre-busted and not so warm. Ah, German customer service! Wash everything done with an unusually small .33 casket (beer and wine are commonly available) or a Bionade.

If you skip snacks before the movie, longer movies (over 2 hours) often have an intermission where the snacks may even come to you. As half of the theater runs to the bathroom, an assistant wanders the hallways with an antique tray of sweets.

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