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Gothic Quarter Bars and Clubs

The narrow, sun-hungry streets of the Gothic Quarter (also known as the Gothic Quarter) are the ideal habitat for the creatures of the night. So it’s no wonder that the wildest nightlife in Barcelona can be found here. From noisy independent nightclubs to live jazz clubs, the Gothic Quarter has discos and bars for all tastes. Here are some places that are worth visiting.

Indie / rock music clubs

For indie and rock music head to Plaça Reial. Here, in front of the Las Ramblas entrance, are Sidecar (pronounced ‘See-de-car’) and Karma. They are both underground and can get extremely hot and sweaty on weekend nights. But they play a good mix of rock, they have an uninhibited crowd, and they are a lot of fun. Sidecar also has a good spread of live bands playing there.

Funk, Soul and Latin Music Clubs

Cafe Royale was missed when it closed for several years, but it’s back, and with its gold decor, Latin music, and sharks on the dance floor, it’s cheesier than ever. It offers a great night on the town, in an unassuming alley, just off Plaça Reial.

Meanwhile, Marula Cafe is a great place to dance to black music – in Spain, this means anything vaguely rhythmic and therefore black , from funk to salsa. It is on a particularly sordid section of El Gotico, between the George Orwell and Plaça Reial squares.

hip hop clubs

Nestled below the colonnaded arcades of Plaça Reial, Jamboree is the ideal place to enjoy a slice of African-American in Barcelona. Whether it’s playing the latest hip-hop and R’n’B or hosting live jazz and soul performances, it’s always a winner.

Jazz clubs

Jazz, soul and blues acts are the staples of the Harlem Jazz Club, which draws a delightfully wacky crowd to a quiet street in the Gothic Quarter.

Gothic Quarter Cocktail Bars

If you’re looking for a small, intimate place to have a cocktail and it’s located near Plaça Reial, Los Alamos is a good option on Carrer Escudellers.

Just around the corner, on Aglà 9 Street, is Shanghai, which has the feel of an opium den and is a favorite of young fashionistas. Opposite Shanghai, at number 4, is Pilé 43, full of old Italian design furniture and delicious blackberry mojitos.

Another good cocktail bar, and infinitely more spacious, is Margarita Blue on Josep Anselm Clavé street. Its walls are lined with local artwork and, in addition to cocktails, it serves Mexican food.

Beers and Music

For something equally bohemian, but more brewery, try any of the famous bars at Plaça George Orwell, Oviso, or Bahia. They have been around for years and are always packed with a colorful crowd.

A good dip for live DJs and cheap drinks is the loud Malpaso. If you like heavy rock music, head to Tequila Bar, an institution of metalheads on Carrer Escudellers # 28. Indie audiences can find something else to their liking at Manchester Bar, which is obscenely popular any night of the week and has cheap shots.

If the night seems to be over and you don’t want it to be, for a last drink or two there is Pipa Club, which overlooks the square and features a pipe museum, as well as lots of Victorian pubby-style furnishings. However, it is a bit expensive.

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