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Greenhouse gas emissions increase flooding

lluviaThe Climate Research Unit of the Ministry of the Environment of Canada and the School of Geosciences of the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) have analyzed theprecipitation trends from 1951 to 1999 in the northern hemisphere. And have come to the conclusion thatemitting more toxic gases into the atmosphere has fueled heavy rains and floods in almost two-thirds of the hemisphere.

? Previous studies have underestimated this greater intensity of rainfall, but the results show important variations during the last half of the 20th century ,? highlights the research, published in the journalNature. “Understanding the changes that have occurred, such as this recent increase in the intensity of rainfall in much of the northern hemisphere, is key to making predictions for the future,” he adds.

The work is published today together with a second study that also evaluates theinfluence of human actions on global warming. This research analyzes the floods that occurred in England and Wales during October and November 2000. The autumn season of that year was the wettest since 1766. After running thousands of climatic simulations of the autumn 2000 season under real conditions , the researchers suggested thatincreased greenhouse gas emissions influenced floodingof that year in England and Wales. ? The results indicate that, in nine out of ten cases, CO2 emissions during the 20th century increased the risk of flooding in both territories by 20%, and that, in two out of three cases, the increase was more than 90% ?, the authors conclude.


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