FunAstrologyGuido Cantz shows “Do you understand fun?” Highlights

Guido Cantz shows “Do you understand fun?” Highlights

Guido Cantz is the host of “Do you understand fun?” Three more times, then Barbara Schöneberger takes over from him. Before there are new pranks with a hidden camera, today I have to look back.

Baden-Baden – In front of the holiday backdrop at Lake Chiemsee, Guido Cantz (50) will present the summer edition of “Do you understand fun?” On Saturday (8:15 pm). Traditionally, he shows films with a hidden camera from the past year again on Das Erste and on ORF 1 – it should be the 20 funniest.

Celebrities like “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers, actor Henning Baum, singer Vanessa Mai and the “jungle queen” of 2019, Evelyn Burdecki, are part of the party as decoy or victim. The next live edition of the SWR production is planned for October 9th.

Cantz has announced that he will quit “Do you understand fun?” At the end of the year. A few weeks ago, Südwestrundfunk announced that Barbara Schöneberger would succeed him.

In the reviews on Saturday, Rakers, among others, was fooled by her colleague at the time, Jan Hofer, when they were supposed to be taking pictures for the Tiktok channel of the “Tagesschau”. Mai faces terrible dancers while shooting the video. Burdecki is given an egg snow shower during a children’s cookery duel. And Baum is tricked on one set by none other than Otto Waalkes. dpa

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