FunHe poses as a high school student to promote...

He poses as a high school student to promote his Instagram

Social networks are part of our day to day more and more. Applications such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are the favorites of the youngest, although during the pandemic others have appeared that are having a very good reception such as TikTok. The problem comes when our life revolves around our social profiles and getting ‘likes’ or followers is increasingly complicated in a world where there are millions of accounts to follow. Content is the most important thing to achieve a loyal and participative community, and that our online reputation is the healthiest possible for our audience, it is not what a 28-year-old woman thought, far from looking for good content to offer To her new followers, she decided to pose as a high school student to promote her Instagram High School Flyers A few weeks ago, Audrey Francisquini decided to turn her Instagram account around to get more followers. The 28-year-old woman sneaked into the American Senior High School in Miami with the intention of making her profile known to the students. The woman wanted to go unnoticed in the eyes of those responsible for the center: she dressed in clothes from teenagers, grabbed a skateboard, backpack and even a painting canvas to pretend she was teaching art classes.Once inside the institute, the woman dedicated herself to distributing informational pamphlets with her Instagram profile, which quickly caught the attention of some Center officials who called the police. Arrested After considering her a “threat”, the police appeared, as reported by NBC News and began looking for the alleged student in the center. According to the report, the woman tried to escape from those responsible from the center who came to intercept her.When asked what she was doing there and who she was, she replied that she was a new student from the center that the Secretary was looking for. Audrey managed to escape from the police but was arrested last Monday at her home. The agents got hold of a pamphlet that featured her Instagram account and it was easy for them to locate her. 28 year old Audrey Nicole Francisquini was arrested after allegedly posing as a high school student to promote her Instagram page, according to Miami police. Local news outlets say Francisquini went into classrooms and evaded security. 📸: North Miami Police Department – Breakfast Television (@breakfasttv) May 14, 2021 The woman was arrested and is now awaiting trial. According to local media, she was released on charges and will now have to abide by the sentence that will be known in the coming days.

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