EconomyFinancialH&M closes store after employee exposed clothing with insects

H&M closes store after employee exposed clothing with insects

The clothing chain H&M had to close one of its stores in New York after an employee exposed through Twitter that some sweatshirts displayed to the public were full of insects.

User @Madesonee_ indicated that she works at the World Trade Center Oculus store. And according to his story, it was a buyer who informed him about the presence of insects on the clothes.

“I work at H&M at Oculus in World Trade and today a customer discovered lice on a rack of hooded sweatshirts,” he notes in the post.

The employee also showed her outrage by assuring that the store would not be closed and employees would not be notified of the problem. Instead, the section was only going to be “locked.”

The Twitter user who made the photos public also noted that she resigned from her job and apologized to her manager because she did not expect the publication to have such a broad reach.

“I apologized to my store manager because I didn’t expect my tweet to go up like this. It bothered me that they treated it as a minor issue and that it wasn’t their fault. It’s the company.”

An H&M representative told the Daily Mail that the store is taking the matter seriously and has closed the branch where the events occurred so that it can be disinfected.

“We take the safety of customers and employees very seriously,” said the representative. “As a precaution, we have closed the H&M store in Westfield World Trade Center to investigate further.”

Although neither the employee nor H&M specified what kind of insects were those that appeared in the photo, users of social networks have pointed out that their shape and size resemble that of lice.

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