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Holiday in the Netherlands despite Corona – travelers need to know that now

Despite the corona pandemic, the Netherlands is a popular holiday destination. Now the country is considered a risk area: What travelers have to consider.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. However, in the corona pandemic, special rules apply to travelers who want to explore cities such as Groningen, Amsterdam or The Hague. The country has had a roller coaster ride through the regulations.

After almost all corona measures were lifted at the end of June, the number of new infections rose rapidly. On Friday (July 9th, 2021) the Dutch government finally announced the withdrawal of the easing. “We made a miscalculation. We’re sorry, ”said Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The Robert Koch Institute and the Foreign Office have classified the Netherlands as a risk area since Sunday (July 18th). Now the Netherlands has been assessed as a high incidence area.

Vacation in the Netherlands: This is the Corona situation on site

According to the local health authorities, the latest corona development in the Netherlands is closely related to the spread of the highly infectious Delta variant. So far, 1.85 million infections with Sars-CoV-2 have been registered in Holland. For example, on Friday (23.07.2021) the number of new infections was 6,340. The seven-day incidence is 360.9. The Federal Foreign Office therefore warns: “The Kingdom of the Netherlands is still affected by Covid-19.”

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Corona vacation in the Netherlands: These rules apply when entering the country

The most important aspect at the beginning: According to the current assessment of the Robert Koch Institute, the Netherlands is a “simple risk area”, but travelers from Germany do not have to present a negative corona test at the border. Quarantine in the Netherlands is not necessary. This applies to travelers who drive to the Netherlands. Anyone traveling by plane must fill out a health form in advance and send it to the Dutch authorities.

Corona-Urlaub Niederlande


Vacation in the Netherlands, like here in Amsterdam, is possible in summer – despite the corona pandemic.

Independently of this, the Dutch government is offering free corona tests for travelers in July and August. In addition, there are no general border controls between Holland and Germany, but random checks are still possible, according to the authorities.

If you only want to use the Netherlands as a transit country to travel to another country by car, you can do so. No negative corona test is necessary. However, passengers who make a stopover at Dutch airports have to adhere to different rules depending on where they are landing, according to the government.

Netherlands vacation – these are the corona rules in Holland

  • There are no contact restrictions. In other words: travelers can stay in larger groups in the country.
  • However, the distance rule of 1.5 meters continues to apply. There is a hygiene concept in all public facilities.
  • Restaurants, hotels and bars are open. The gastronomy has to close around midnight due to the latest developments.
  • Masks are required in local public transport and at airports.
  • Discos and clubs are no longer allowed to open after Prime Minister Rutte has withdrawn some easing.

Corona vacation in Holland: what applies to the return journey from the Netherlands to Germany?

If you want to travel back to Germany by plane after your holiday in the Netherlands, you need a negative corona test in order to be allowed to board the plane (exceptions apply to people who have been vaccinated, recovered and children under six years of age). A test is usually possible directly at the airport, and some accommodations also offer the organization of tests. If the test result is positive, the traveler must be quarantined on site. Some tour operators offer insurance for this when booking a trip.

The assessment as a high incidence area ensures that a quarantine of up to ten days is necessary in Germany. This could be shortened if a Corona text is negative on the fifth day of quarantine.

Return journey from the corona risk area of the Netherlands to Germany: digital entry registration

Since the Netherlands has been classified as a risk area since July 18, 2021, a digital entry registration must be completed before entering Germany. This is possible no earlier than three days before entry. The confirmation that you receive must be shown at controls at the airport or border crossing. If there is a quarantine obligation, the responsible health department is also informed.


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