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Hong Kong nightlife areas

The streets of Wan Chai can be firmly filed under hedonism and have been the undoing of many good men. The area has had a reputation for being mischievous since the 1940s. However, only after WWII, when American soldiers in R and R departed from the Korean and Vietnam wars did they descend on Hong Kong, did the infamous bars and Girl’s clubs sprang up through the streets of Lockhart Road and the place really earned its stipe.

Today, Wan Chai is somewhat tame compared to his earlier, wildest days, but there is still a girly bar or two and plenty of “massages” on offer. But avoid mama sans and you’ll find plenty of places to have a glass of beer or two. The bar and pub scene is more realistic than the posh Lan Kwai Fong, and with several British-style bars it is popular with expats. The bars here close when you leave, with several serving 24 hours a day.

Some of the more raucous hangouts are Bar 109 and Mes Amis, which show sports on TV and draw crowds on the weekends. Dusk till Dawn has live cover bands on the weekends, which are generally very good quality, while the White Stag is perhaps the best British pub in Hong Kong.

Essential places in Wan Chai


A local institution. This faux dive bar with guitars strapped to Jimi Hendrix snapshots stapled to each corner is famous for its music and dance. The rock and roll soundtrack draws revelers into the wee hours of the morning and Carnegies is famous for letting patrons dance at the bar. Come to its Ladies Night on Wednesday to see it at its most energetic. Direction. 53-55 Lockhart Road.

My friends

An evening at Wan Chai often begins with a bottle of wine at Mes Amis and ends with many cocktails. The corner location is one of the best people-watching spots in Wan Chai, and it fills up with an after-work crowd most nights of the week. On weekends you’ll find DJs and dancing, while Happy Hour drink deals are well-celebrated. Address: 81-85 Lockhart Road

From dusk until dawn

If you end up at Dusk until Dawn, you’ve officially had a great night at Wan Chai. This is where the party ends in a dance floor mess as a Filipino band covers U2’s best hits. Soon; It is brilliant. Address: G / F, 76 Jaffe Road,

White Deer

The white deer is one of the last British drunks in Wan Chai. It has been serving pints of light and bitter to nostalgic expats since the 1990s and remains a resting place for the nostalgic. In addition to Tetley and Blackthorn cider, you’ll find bangers and mash and cottage pie on the menu and plenty of opportunities to meet the locals at the bar. They show soccer, cricket and F1, while there are few better places in the city to watch Hong Kong rugby matches. Address 54 Lockhart Road.

Bar 109

When you’re just not going, head to Bar 109. They serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are sports on TV, DJs on the dance floor, and if you’re unlucky they might even start the foam party.

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