AutoHow are 95 and 98 gasoline different?

How are 95 and 98 gasoline different?

In recent years, the percentages of new cars registered with diesel and gasoline engines have turned around. Years ago, there was no doubt that diesel was the user’s preferred fuel and, as a consequence, the most demanded . On the other hand, the data show that in 2018 57.5% of registrations corresponded to cars powered by gasoline, compared to 35.8% that were equipped with diesel engines. In this situation, it is important to know what types of gasoline exist and what are the main differences between them. In the following lines, we will tell you about it.

An easy question to solve

When you go to the gas station, you find 95 and 98 gasoline. The first thing that strikes you is the difference in price between one and the other . However, this is not the only one we find, but it is one more consequence of the difference in octane number. But, let us start at the beginning. The octane number indicates the resistance to detonation of fuel when it is compressed inside the cylinder of an engine. In other words, the higher the octane number, the greater the compression capacity of the engine and, therefore, the higher power. Thus, for example, all high-displacement engines usually run on 98 unleaded gasoline, which shows that the engine’s performance on 98 gasoline is better.

Although it is this type of car with high performance engines that really take advantage of 98 octane gasoline. In fact, they require it to function properly and extract maximum performance. It is true that they can run on 95 gasoline, but it is also true that their performance will be somewhat lower, and consumption will be higher. On the other hand, most conventional cars recommend the use of 95 gasoline, since its composition limits the emissions of polluting particles and helps to reduce consumption and keep the engine clean, in addition to that no difference will be noticed -except for the price – at the level of performance using 98 gasoline. No, your car will not run any more to use 98, it is a false myth.

More differences

The type of gasoline most suitable for us will depend on the vehicle we have and the use we make of it. We do not have to get carried away by what they tell us that it can go well with our car, but the most sensible thing is to pay attention to the labeling that we find on the fuel tank cap. Easier, impossible.

The 95 gasoline is always cheaper than the 98. The official fuel data show that, today, the 95 costs 1,303 euros / liter, while the 98 costs 1,438 euros / liter. In addition to the price, there are also differences in the emissions of each one. Sulfur, one of the most dangerous components for the environment in gasoline, is higher in gasoline 95, so it will pollute more than 98. In addition, a lower sulfur content helps to extend the life of the catalyst in the gasoline. car, to reduce consumption and improve its performance.

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