AutoHow are Peugeot lights designed?

How are Peugeot lights designed?

The headlights of a car are capable of giving it a unique image, or destroying a design in a definitive way. As Karim Kabib, Senior Vice President and Director of the Kia Design Center explained to us: “ Cars have faces . It is very easy to explain the similarity of elements: the eyes with the headlights, the grill is usually associated with the nose and the lower part is a kind of mouth ”. The user likes to look for similarities on the fronts of the vehicles, a game in which the light groups have a special role. Peugeot have known that relevance since the creation of the Peugeot Type 1 in 1889, so they have not stopped evolving their lighting in terms of technology, functionality and design , with the latest nod to the claw of a lion.

We live in the era of electrification and, beyond a greater autonomy or reduced charging times, the driving part seems to have taken a back seat. However, vehicles are safer than ever and, above all, easier to drive , thanks to driving aids and equipment. This last section includes the optical groups, the clearest example that technology can also be at the service of design. They are security devices, yes, and increasingly avant-garde, but they also serve to reaffirm the identity of the models. To see a Peugeot is to recognize it instantly and, in large part, it is thanks to its light signature.

History and future

A few months ago we spoke with Matthias Hossan , in charge of some mythical prototypes for the lion firm and the new Peugeot design director. During the interview he stated that: “During the last fifteen years we have undertaken a true work of differentiation of the brands. We have developed the DNA of each brand and we continue to enrich it daily ”. A work in which the design of a glance can say everything, even more so if we are talking about a brand with 210 years of history , it must be recognizable. “As such, the design of the latest Peugeot embodies the values of modernity, technology and feline, ” said Hossan.

For this, the introduction of LED technology, or light-emitting diodes, which we use so much in our day to day has been key. Not only does it improve the light beam, its intensity and clarity , it also offers greater freedom for lighting creation. Previously, with halogens and xenon lights, there were limitations in terms of shapes and sizes, something that has now disappeared.

What does the LED hide?

The first thing we should know about the LED is that, despite looking white, it is a blue light . To reach the final tone, they must pass through a layer of phosphor that absorbs that spectrum. It is possible to see some trace of that tone in the first models with LEDs, so do not be surprised if you detect it.

Another benefit of using LEDs is pollution. Yes, as incredible as it may seem, incorporating lights with this technology reduces electricity consumption and, therefore, emissions. In addition, they offer greater longevity, 10 to 15 times higher than the previous halogens. More than enough reasons for the lion’s signature to bet on them in the new Peugeot 308 and 308 SW.

LED functionalities

In the new GT and GT Pack finishes of the 308 and 308 SW they have gone a step further with the full LED adaptive headlights, with Matrix LED Technology matrix technology. This lighthouse is made up of daylight, which is shaped like the fangs introduced with the 508 and makes them so recognizable. Then you have the low beams to illuminate and the high beams, in charge of the adaptive function through a matrix module made up of 20 LEDs . These parts are switched off and on individually, which makes it possible not to dazzle other road users.

As the brand’s technicians explain: “The camera located in the upper part of the windshield analyzes the environment in order to adapt the lighting and intensity of the different LEDs in the matrix. Thus, the light beam adapts automatically. ” It is even capable of offering different lighting modes depending on the outdoor conditions: city (between 0 and 50 km / h), highway (up to 110 km / h) and highway (above 110 km / h more than 5 seconds) .

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