NewsHow better to care for winter shoes?

How better to care for winter shoes?

Winter shoes do not belong on the heater and should not be worn every day. Why that? And what other tips should you keep in mind for cleaning? Tips and Tricks.

Berlin – In these gray days we should all be more like children again. Jumping into puddles and walking into the middle of the snow, instead of carefully avoiding both because your shoes could get dirty. Because they can take it – if you know these tricks:

How do you get wet shoes dry again quickly?

You shouldn’t speed it up. “Under no circumstances should they be placed on the heater or treated with a hairdryer. Then they become brittle and cracked, ”says Claudia Schulz from the Federal Association of the Shoe and Leather Goods Industry. Absorbent papers such as newspaper pages and kitchen rolls that you stuff inside the shoe are helpful.

But then they just need time to dry. Only when there is no more moisture in them can the shoes – depending on the material – be treated with a color-coordinated shoe polish or other care products. These have to work well, then you can polish. The shoes then have to be re-impregnated.

Is it true that you shouldn’t wear shoes every day?

Indeed, it makes sense to have multiple pairs of interchangeable winter boots. “Even if the shoes haven’t got very wet, you should always wait a day or two before they are worn again,” says Claudia Schulz.

Incidentally, this applies to all closed shoes in all seasons. Because moisture collects in the materials, up to a shot glass full every day. Therefore, the shoes must be able to exhale. “Leather shoes especially need this rest period. They need up to 20 hours to dry, ”says Arno Carius, President of the Central Association of German Shoemaking Crafts.

It is best to use a shoe tree when the shoes are not being worn. This is how you avoid wearing creases. It is important that the shoe tree is made of unpainted wood and is the right size. Under no circumstances do shoes belong in plastic bags, otherwise mold can form.

Cotton or linen shoe bags are an alternative to shelf space. “The cardboard boxes in which the shoes were bought are also practical,” says Claudia Schulz. “If you stick photos of the shoes on the front, not a pair will be forgotten.”

How can I better prevent wet feet in the shoe?

No shoe should be outside the door in autumn and winter without impregnation – regardless of whether it is new or has been worn for a long time. This keeps water, but also dirt better. Depending on the strain and moisture, you should therefore repeat this from time to time. “The impregnation and care products that are usually offered at the checkout when buying shoes makes perfect sense if it is a high-quality product,” says Claudia Schulz.

Winterschuhe besser pflegen


To repel water and dirt, shoes should be treated with a waterproofing spray.

A tip for use: Impregnation sprays should never be used in closed rooms, but only outdoors.

Can I use one spray for all shoes?

No. “80 percent of shoes today are no longer made of leather, but consist entirely or partially of synthetic materials,” says Arno Carius. “How the shoe needs to be cared for depends on the material. Unsuitable products can damage or even destroy it. “

Real leather in particular is quite sensitive, says Schulz. Care products should be used here that are expressly suitable for this. But suede needs a different type of waterproofing. And Bernd Glassl from the Body Care and Detergent Industry Association adds: “Because of their open pores, shoes made of suede should be impregnated more thoroughly and more frequently than shoes made of other materials.”

Winterschuhe pflegen


It is best not to wear the same shoes every day in autumn or winter.

There are also special products for high-tech materials or other fabrics and for artificial leather. If you are unsure whether it is real or artificial leather, you will find corresponding symbols in or on the shoe.

By the way, for textile upper materials and shoes made from material combinations, the basic impregnation has another positive effect: Since it also protects against soiling, the shoes have to be cleaned less often. And that in turn extends their lifespan.

What is the best way to remove the dirt?

Surprise: According to the experts, good old shoe polish is taboo for many materials. “Shoe polish is generally not suitable for shoes made from synthetic materials. It would leave unsightly stains, ”says Arno Carius. “Such shoes can be cleaned with special sprays or cleaning foam.” Suede and suede should also not be cleaned with shoe polish.

Remaining snow edges are a challenge because they usually also contain the road salt from the road. The edges can be dissolved with water and a mild detergent, but that is not always enough. “For stubborn stains, a mixture of two parts of water and one part of vinegar that is not too spicy helps,” is the tip of master shoemaker Carius. “If you work carefully, it even works with leather shoes.”

How do I get my winter shoes through the next summer?

Ideally, the thick boots, boots and lace-up shoes are well-cleaned and equipped with a shoe tree in the closet for the summer and wait for the next use in the cold season.

Anyone who has made the effort to clean their warm shoes well after the end of winter and pamper them with the right care will have it easy the next time clearing them out: “Just remove the dust with a soft cloth, impregnate well and you’re ready to go. This is how the shoe can withstand rain, snow and mud, ”says master shoemaker Arno Carius. dpa

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