FunHow does the video game gun work?

How does the video game gun work?

Aiming video game pistols act as an interface, that is, a control device for the computer that carries the game.

The pistol has a photodiode mounted inside the barrel that detects the light coming from the screen , while the trigger works as a switch . On the other hand, the video controller informs the processor of the position at each instant of the flow of electrons that sweeps the screen from left to right and from top to bottom. When you pull the trigger, the computer clears the screen and, in the following image, draws the target to be shot on it. If the photodiode detects darkness and then light, the machine interprets it as a hit. In other pistols, pulling the trigger causes the computer to erase the screen and color it white. The processor recognizes the point in focus by calculating the time that passes from the start of the scan until the photodiode detects clarity.

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