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How much do I need to finish paying my Infonavit credit?

Once you process a mortgage loan with Infonavit, you have to pay the monthly payments. And to do it in a timely manner, the account statement will be very helpful. There are two ways to obtain it: through the internet or a phone call.

In June of this year, Infonavit presented the to facilitate consultation and make it easier for its borrowers to be up to date with their payments and their obligations.

What appears on the statement

The information you will find in your account statement is:

  • credit number
  • Amount of your monthly payment, which is made up of the sum of the monthly discount amount, plus insurance and fees.
  • Debit from previous months, that is, what you owe for the months that you had not paid.
  • Current balance, which is made up of the previous balance, plus interest for the period, other charges; your payments, subscriptions and benefits, and the payment of your employer.
  • Banks where you can pay debts or make an additional payment that reduces your debt.
  • Key concepts such as: employer contribution, salary withholding and regular payments you make on your own.

If you have a formal job, you can check the changes in your account statement every two months; if you don’t have it and pay on your own, you can do it every month.

Steps to get it online

To access your statement, you have to go to . To do this you must have your Social Security Number (SSN) and your password at hand.

If you have not registered, create an account with the NSS, the Unique Population Registry Key (CURP) and the federal taxpayer registry (RFC) and provide data such as telephone number and email.

Once inside My Infonavit Account, choose the My Credit option, where the first option is balances and movements . Verify that your data – name, Infonavit credit number, total credit and type of credit – are correct.

If you verified the information, select account movements and statements . On the next screen you will see two options: one where the movements made per month will appear (it is updated on the 10th). You can receive it by mail.

In the second option, the movements from the beginning of your credit will appear, it is also updated on the 10th of each month.

In any option you can download your account statement and print it.

How to get it by phone?

If technology is not your thing, you can make a phone call to Infonatel, from Mexico City at number 55 9171 5050; or from anywhere in the country at 800 008 3900.

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The institute directed by Carlos Martínez Velázquez charges between 1.9% and 10.5%, depending on the income of the beneficiaries who process a mortgage loan.

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Having your debt in pesos and not in minimum wages benefits personal finances, and extends the issue of financial inclusion, says Carlos Martínez, general director of Infonavit.