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Do you want to lighten your debt with Infonavit? Change it to pesos

70% of the people who present overdue debts with the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit) have their credit in Times Minimum Wage (VSM) and not in pesos, which makes it more difficult and for more years to achieve their liquidation , unlike having it in pesos.

One of the great differences of changing the credit from VSM to pesos, through the Shared Responsibility program, is that during the entire life of the credit, payments are frozen, unlike having it in minimum wages, since it is adjusted according to inflation. explained this Tuesday the general director of the Institute, Carlos Martínez Velázquez.

“Having a frozen debt helps people financially, it helps you keep your personal finances in balance,” he said at a press conference.

Infonavit figures detail that of the total number of people with a loan, 86% pay in a timely manner, while 14% have overdue debts, “the big problem is that of that 14%, 70% are on minimum wages ”.

The highest delinquency rate is in loans that are in VSM with 28.7%, while the delinquency rate of loans in pesos is 9.25%. Credits in pesos report a debt amount of 85,561 million pesos (mdp), while those in VSM owe 213,593 mdp, according to Infonavit figures.

Shared Responsibility

The director explained that in order to put an end to credits in VSM, since April 2019 the Shared Responsibility program was launched to convert all credits in VSM granted by Infonavit.

Since its launch and until the end of July, 340,000 credits were changed to pesos, thanks to the request of the workers, the manager highlighted that these credits in VSM are expected to end in 2024, through the program.

He highlighted that in June 2021 the new credit was launched in pesos with interest rates differentiated by salary level from 1.91% to 10.45%, in addition to fixed monthly payments throughout the life of the credit to provide certainty and not affect the economy of the accredited people. .

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