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Infonavit compliance opinion: What is it and how to obtain it

Are you an employer and want to know if you are complying with Infonavit regarding housing (contributions and amortizations)? Well, you need the issuance of a ” compliance opinion “. This document allows you to participate in tenders before the institute, with the federal or state public administration, centralized agencies, parastatal institutions, as well as to carry out a tax procedure.

Who can access the service?

Employers and taxpayers who require it. To obtain it, the procedure to follow is proof of tax status. We tell you how.

How to generate the document?

This is obtained through the Infonavit Business Portal for employers and taxpayers who have a current Employer Registration Number (NRP). For this it is necessary to have an account or comply with the registration. Once the above is done, you can start with the request for your certificate. The steps are the following:

  • Enter the .
  • Go to the “My procedures” section and click on “Proof of Tax Status”.
  • Click on “Consult” and “Accept” so that the information can be consulted.
  • Download the certificate.

Generate the record with RFC

The Infonavit portal allows the generation of the Fiscal Situation Certificate for employers and taxpayers through their Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), so if you are not associated with an NRP, this is the alternative. For this you need:

  • Enter the .
  • Select the type of person, physical or legal.
  • Capture the RFC and the name of the taxpayer.
  • Click on “Get Certificate”.

If you cannot generate your certificate in the Business Portal or in the Infonavit portal, go to the one that corresponds to you.

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And now how do I register at an IMSS clinic using the app?

Among the channels offered by the IMSS to register at one of its clinics is its mobile application. We give you step by step to carry out the process.

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