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Infonavit-Fovissste individual credit: What it is, requirements and how to request it

If you quote simultaneously in the Fovissste and the Infonavit you will be able to add the credit and the housing subaccounts of both institutions, and have greater financing to acquire a new or existing home.

What is it and how it works?

It is a credit in co-financing that you can request if you simultaneously contribute to both social security systems, each institution will grant you a credit together with the housing subaccounts and thus you can increase your credit capacity to acquire a new or existing home.

It is granted based on the policies and criteria of each institution. In the case of Infonavit, it works to use the first credit.


Be a beneficiary of Infonavit with a current employment relationship.

Contribute simultaneously in both institutions.

Submit the Credit Authorization Letter issued by Fovissste.

Prequalify yourself and have 1080 points in Infonavit.

Have an electronic appraisal and Technical Quality Opinion of the home to be acquired (not older than six months).

Copy of the property title of the house to be acquired.

Sign the query to the Credit Information Societies.

Take the free online course Know more to decide better, in My Infonavit Account

Comply with the requirements of the Fovissste.

For more information you can visit or at Infonatel 800 008 3900.

How to request the Infonavit-Fovissste credit

You must pre-qualify and meet the requirements of both institutions.

  1. Select an appraisal unit authorized in both institutions to carry out the appraisal of the home you are going to acquire.
  2. Carry out the registration process in Fovissste and receive the authorization letter to continue the process in Infonavit.
  3. Integrate your file to start the process of your credit in Infonavit. .

Infonavit compliance opinion: What is it and how to obtain it

This procedure can be carried out through the Infonavit portal with NRP or RFC. We tell you how to do it in both cases.

How to pay your Infonavit credit through the app step by step

Without leaving home, so you can pay your Infonavit credit and check your account statement from your cell phone.

Did you get cracks from the tremor? Infonavit covers the repair of your house...

Find here the requirements that those accredited by the housing institute must meet to take advantage of this benefit that has already compensated more than 31,000 workers between January and August.

Click here to know what salary you quote in Infonavit

Knowing the salary with which you contribute to Infonavit will allow you to plan access to housing under a better financing plan.

Do you want to lighten your debt with Infonavit? Change it to pesos

Having your debt in pesos and not in minimum wages benefits personal finances, and extends the issue of financial inclusion, says Carlos Martínez, general director of Infonavit.