FunHow much do the most followed celebrities on Instagram...

How much do the most followed celebrities on Instagram charge per photo?

Social media has become a business niche for many companies and celebrities. Being on Instagram has become a business for actors, singers, athletes, or celebrities , who make their photos profitable at the stroke of a checkbook.

The most famous of Instagram receive a good compensation because companies use their image to sponsor their products. A very profitable business that helps them continue to relaunch their public life and grow their bank accounts every day.

Kendall Jenner

She is one of the best-known faces of the Kardashian family who has more than 190 million followers on Instagram. Her life is to be famous and she uses the networks for it. If you are a company and you want Kendall Jenner to advertise your brand, you will have to pay $ 1.05 million for sponsored photography.


The queen of commercial music is called Beyoncé. Everything that the American singer touches turns into good benefits for her and the companies that hire her. At the moment it exceeds 200 million followers on Instagram , being the eighth most famous of the social network and charges one million euros per sponsored publication.

Leo Messi

Closing the top 5 of celebrities who charge the most for a sponsored photo on Instagram we find the Argentine soccer star, Lionel Messi. The forward, now in the ranks of PSG, has 266 million followers on his Instagram account and each brand pays $ 1.17 million each time the Argentinean requires a sponsored photo.

Ariana Grande

The singer is one of the most followed on the web. His concerts close with everything sold each night and his records sell for millions. In addition, the singer has seen how Instagram brings her great benefits thanks to her 267 million followers around the world.

He charges $ 1.28 million for a sponsored photo.

Kylie Jenner

The youngest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner and businessman Kris Jenner, she ranks fourth among celebrities with the most followers and profitability on Instagram. On this list, where her sisters Kendall and Kim are (ranked number 7), Kylie has 269 million followers and charges 1.26 million euros per sponsored photo.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The actor is one of the most active in the network with publications almost daily on his official profile. His films have earned him to be one of the most desired actors of the moment and his social networks certify this: 270 million followers and 1.29 million euros per photo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the highest position we find Cristiano Ronaldo. Nobody handles himself in the field and in the social network like him. It is a factory of scoring goals and making business profitable. He has more than 345 million followers on Instagram and charges 1.36 million euros per photo.

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