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How much do you pay to get a Guinness Record?

The Guinness Record is the most prestigious book that collects any feat, no matter how absurd it may seem, in the world . Getting one of these badges is one of the most talked about successes of the year since it has many categories in which almost anyone could participate.

It was Sir Hugh Beaver, owner of the Guinness distillery who, in the 1950s , began to turn his head to resolve all kinds of disputes, no matter how absurd they may seem. In 1954 they managed to publish their first book collecting all kinds of data.

Years later it became one of the best-selling publications in the world that is updated every year.

How much is charged for a Guinness record?

It is one of the questions that everyone who wants to participate to become part of the Guinness Book of Records must ask themselves . The truth is that from the beginning of the publication, the participants do not receive any kind of financial benefit from the organization.

In the institution’s own regulations, they already report that they do not pay for any new record or for exceeding an existing one:

As the unrivaled authority in the world setting world records, our role is to celebrate the best in the world, inspire everyone, entertain and inform.

For those reasons, we do not pay record breakers for their achievements or for making an official record title attempt. We are also unable to cover any expenses, offer sponsorship, or provide equipment for the conduct of any official record attempt.

Additionally, we do not make contributions to individuals, charities, or businesses. The foregoing, to maintain our impartial position as a world authority in the registration of record titles and ensure the inclusion of all applicants.

This does not imply that the protagonists of the Guinness World Records may have sponsors or advertisers who finance their training or preparation to achieve said record.

In addition, to get the certificate of the organization and that the judges review our tests, you have to pay approximately 450 euros.

2020 records

This 2020, despite the pandemic, some Guinness Records have also been achieved and some new ones have been registered.

For example, on February 21, 2020, the American Maci Currin became the woman with the longest legs on the planet; o Antonio Romero Monteiro, a native of Texas, became the person with the largest video game collection in the world, with a total of 20,139 .



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