News"How sweet": Children's shopping list delights the Internet

"How sweet": Children's shopping list delights the Internet

An eight-year-old’s shopping list gets a lot of likes on Twitter. The spelling isn’t quite right yet, but that’s exactly what moves the observers.

Munich – When children experience the first tender touches of language, it sometimes creates heartwarming moments. This is what happened to an eight-year-old who tried to write a shopping list. A Twitter user, presumably the child’s mother, posted the note and immediately received over 180 likes. She writes, “The eight-year-old wrote the grocery list and I think he’s ready for the world now.”

“I think it should actually be called Kamenbär from today”

You can always guess which word the little one meant when trying to write, but often a small mistake crept in. This is how butter becomes “Buter”, salmon and ham “Laks Schinken” and toast bread “Tostbrot”. And, particularly difficult: He spells the French word Camembert as “Kammbär”. But at least he is spot on when it comes to ham, cheese, tomatoes and cucumber.

The unanimous opinion of the commentators, however, is that the boy has done everything right: “I think it should actually be called Kamenbär from today. How cute,” writes one user. And another tweeter writes: “Everyone knows what is meant. Steno is also designed that way.”

Cute shopping list: “I could go shopping with this”

“Kammbär is so adorable!” agrees with another user. Another user writes: “I could go shopping with it. Good kid!”

And: “Regardless of the fact that he did it really well and you understand everything he wrote, I find his incredibly clean handwriting very impressive.”

And another commenter suggests: “Keep the note or photograph it and keep it in a photo album (analogue/digital) as a reminder!” This is hardly necessary anymore: the Internet will not soon forget this sweet shopping list. (cg) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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