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How to block videos on YouTube

YouTube is packed with great quality and useful content. However, by offering the possibility that any user can easily upload content through their channel, this may make certain videos not to our liking. Especially when we realize that YouTube recommendations are not always characterized as the best.

Even though it is perfectly possible to filter out some channels whose subject matter we do not like in the search results, it is always possible to block YouTube channels that we finally do not like to see quite easily.

In fact, there are many tools available when it comes to avoiding watching videos from channels that we originally don’t like, so it is enough to know what steps to follow to be able to do so.

Blocking adult videos with YouTube’s Restricted Mode

It is true that we have already spoken to you about this tool at different times. And it is that the so-called Restricted Mode becomes a simple and straightforward option to prevent certain users (such as our children) from having access to originally inappropriate content).

To activate it, we just have to open the application or go to the YouTube website and log in to our account. Then, we must touch the profile photo that we will find in the upper right corner, and in the drop-down menu touch the Restricted mode option.

To enable it, we just have to slide the switch next to Activate restricted mode. Clever! Of course, to prevent any other user from deactivating this option, we will have to click on Block restricted mode in this browser , which we will find located just below the switch that we just pressed.

Blocking specific YouTube videos in the web browser

It is true that, at least for the moment, YouTube does not offer any option to block a specific video , something that would be tremendously useful for those parents who do not want their children to have access to certain videos for children, and do not want to enable the option to Restricted mode.

This makes us need external extensions to be able to do it. If you use Firefox, an available option is BlockTube , which, as its name suggests, helps us to block both channels and specific videos simply by clicking on the corresponding button (Block video or Block channel).

However, there is another simple option that, although it is not a block in itself, it is a valid option to avoid seeing videos similar in content. To do so, we just have to click on the menu icon with three vertical dots that we find located just below the video, which will show a pop-up menu. Now we simply tap on the I don’t care button, which will prevent it from appearing again.

Blocking a channel (user)

Another quick option when it comes to avoiding accessing videos from certain channels is to directly choose to block a specific channel, something that is much easier and simpler than blocking a specific video. Also, this will help that channel not appear in our feed (or in the recommendations).

Of course, it is necessary to remember something essential: a channel is the profile page of a user, so by blocking the user we can block their channel. To do this, we just have to go to the page of the channel that we want to block, click on the More information button, and then touch on the flag icon that we find located just below the viewing statistics.

Now, click on Block user , and then a warning message will appear informing us that said blocking will prevent the user from commenting on our videos. We simply confirm by clicking on the Send button.

As we can see, even when YouTube offers us different options when it comes to restricting access to inappropriate content, blocking a channel (or a user), it has not developed any type of function that allows us the possibility of blocking specific or certain videos, something that without a doubt we miss.

However, at least we have other tools that can be more useful in this regard.

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