AutoHow to buy my first car insurance?

How to buy my first car insurance?

I still remember the days before my eighteenth birthday. The excitement of reaching maturity came over me, especially when I thought about the car that I dreamed of as an adventure companion. Many are the studies that speak of a centennial generation that does not want to drive, but goes further. Owning a vehicle is, today, an economic challenge for a teenager with the world in the palm of his hand. However, many others remain excited at the idea of being completely autonomous and independent behind the wheel . Hence, nerves and haste are enemies of the approved driver’s license, so we leave you some tips to pass the tests the first time. A challenge to which we will add, later on, the contracting of our first car insurance .

The youngest see the car as a tool to fulfill their dream adventures, which include many kilometers and hours of learning behind the wheel. The first trip to the beach, skiing or crossing a border to see a country on wheels. We’ve all been through it, with the excitement that fuels those firsts in our lives. Moments that are marred, again, by the high cost of owning a car. Insurance is one of the most significant annual expenses , if we put aside possible breakdowns or mechanical problems. Even more so when you are a new driver and do not have the necessary experience to show your wisdom and responsibility in traffic.

If you are worried about overpaying, and you don’t know where to start looking for insurance that is right for you, these tips will help you avoid making the typical mistakes when taking out a car policy. Starting with the choice of the type of insurance. There are four levels: basic or third , third with windows and theft , all risk with excess and, finally, all risk . The first of them will only cover the others in the event of an accident with their own fault. Third parties with windows, theft and fire would be an extension, which can also cover incidents with the weather. Comprehensive insurance with excess is the most advisable, since it also covers your damages and damages with a minimum to disburse. Full risk is the most complete.

Typical problems

We all know that a car must be linked to car insurance that covers, at a minimum, civil liability . In other words, in the event of an accident (if it is your fault), the affected person is covered both physically and for material damages that occur . Insurance companies are in charge of covering these expenses, so they must evaluate your “dangerousness” and may even consider that it is too risky to take responsibility, financially, for your actions.

These studies cannot intrude on your private life, but they can study a series of factors that lead them to a conclusion. These points have to do with your age, years of experience (with the license), accident history and the model you are going to insure. As a first-time driver, you will not have accidents behind your back, but if you are under 25 years old, it is possible that they will reject you in a company or raise the premium considerably. For this reason it is advisable to complete a few years as the second driver of your parents ‘or relatives’ policy, something that will raise your quota in an accessible way.

More power, more expensive

The youngest also tend to opt for striking and powerful models. The desire to experiment and have sensations is fulfilled at the wheel of performance models, such as a Cupra León, Ford Puma ST or Toyota Yaris GR. The problem, in addition to its price, comes at the moment of insuring it. The calculations are clear for companies, and the risk: high. Not only that, if the car has a high accident rate, it is possible that it will also be rejected.

These companies also evaluate the cost of a possible repair, in case of opting for a higher level of policy, called all-risk. The components of a PSA group firm are not as expensive as those of a Lexus, a premium firm from Toyota that has a higher repair cost, or from Porsche.

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