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How to delete our internet browsing data from any computer

If our computer has broken down and a friend or coworker has lent us theirs, it is very possible that we want to protect our privacy as much as possible, especially if through it we access our social networks, email or bank accounts. And it is that, even when we trust that person in the same way that he has trusted us to leave us his laptop, it is normal that we want to keep that information safe.

Or we do not have to go so far: it is also possible that we find ourselves using a common desktop computer at home, to which not only our partner but also our adolescent children have access. How can we make sure we don’t leave any clues?

Browse privately

Nowadays, many of the browsers we use to surf the internet have the so-called private mode , becoming a simple and easy way to log into any of our online accounts without interfering with the accounts and with the logins of the rest. of the family.

If you do not have experience in this regard, you should know that the incognito or private mode does not save any type of browsing log , in such a way that when we close the browser tab, it is as if our online activity had never taken place.

To access it, we just have to click on New private window from the Firefox menu, New incognito window from the Chrome menu, New InPrivate window from the Edge menu, or New private window from the File menu in Safari.

Of course, you must take into account something essential: when you have finished you must close the tabs and the window itself that you have opened throughout your browsing, and delete any file that you have been able to download to the computer’s hard drive or bookmarks (or favorites) that you have created.

Deleting browsing data

If it has been too late to discover the incognito browsing format, or you have already accessed the web from the normal browser, it is possible to delete all the records of online activity , from the browsing history itself to the cookies that may have been download automatically.

How? Very simple: if you use Chrome, click on Settings , Advanced and then Clear browsing data . If you use Firefox click on Options , then Privacy and security and finally click on Clear history .

If you use Safari you can access from Preferences , Privacy and Manage website data , or from History and finally Delete history . And finally, in Microsoft Edge, open the application menu, and click on Settings , Privacy and security and Choose what to delete .

However, as we have already mentioned at some point before, remember that if you save any file on your hard drive, it will remain in the folder where you have stored it, regardless of whether you delete the browsing data or the download history itself. The same will happen with bookmarks or favorites.

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