AutoHow to drive efficiently?

How to drive efficiently?

Everything is more expensive. This is the most heard phrase in recent weeks, especially when we talk about the energy crisis. The light continues in numbers never seen before , something that moves to gas stations in an almost pandemic way. Access to fuel is beginning to be a matter of a few, and that mobility is necessary and an act understood as freedom. Gasoline has reached record highs again at the beginning of the month, with a cost of 1.55 euros per liter of crude oil. Diesel is not far behind, with 1.44 euros per liter . This problem does not only happen to Spaniards given that, according to the European Union Oil Bulletin, diesel is 0.1% below its most expensive price since records began. With this approach on the table, efficient driving is not an option, it is rather a salvation. For this reason , First Stop, the network of workshops specializing in tires and comprehensive car maintenance, gives us some tips and tricks to reduce the consumption of our cars.

The rise in fuel prices can affect our daily lives, reducing the use of private vehicles but also limiting the mobility of those who cannot move towards 100% electric mobility. In that sense, with simple and easy to carry out tips you can significantly reduce the cost of your combustion car. In this way you will lengthen the passage through a gas station to the maximum, a step that is increasingly painful for our pocket. Some of the tricks have a lot to do with the maintenance of the car itself because, beyond the safety of the mechanical elements, keeping your vehicle tuned and in good condition improves engine performance and reduces the wear that causes failures that end up for being critical later.

In that sense, First Stop offers some services such as decarbonization. This procedure eliminates the accumulated residues in the vehicle and avoids the increase of fuel that depends on the deficiencies of the combustion. As if it were a human body, your car must be properly healthy, rested and clean in order to perform its functions in the most optimal way possible . If you are still thinking of making the leap to electric mobility , we leave you a gallery with the cheapest electric cars and another about the most interesting plug-in hybrids on the market. This type of propulsion has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own driving tricks to be able to achieve the autonomy that the companies promise and that, in many cases, is not such. Don’t overlook the opportunity to get an economical but more modern combustion vehicle, that is, efficient: the cheapest cars in Spain.

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