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How to get from Porto to Coimbra, Portugal

Learn to visit Coimbra on your trip to Portugal. Get from Porto to Coimbra by bus, train, car or guided tour.

How to include Coimbra in your trip

Coimbra is roughly halfway between Lisbon and Porto, Portugal’s two main cities and the most popular destinations for most visitors to the country (along with the Algarve). For those who are touring the city across the country, Coimbra is a perfect break between these cities. It guarantees a whole day, so you can arrive early from Lisbon or Porto, spend the day there, and head to the other city in the evening or spend the night in Coimbra.

If you don’t plan on visiting Lisbon, Coimbra is also a convenient day trip from Porto. If you want to see more than just Coimbra in a day trip (like a visit to Fatima), you will need your own car or a guided tour.

The best way to get there

Coimbra doesn’t need more than a day trip, so a guided tour is your best option to make the most of the city if you don’t have time to explore it further. If you stay more than one day, the train is your best option.

By guided tour

Most Coimbra tours include another destination to make the most of your time.

  • Including Fatima: In addition to Coimbra, see the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary in Fatima, where the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are said to have taken place. You will have the benefit of a guide and will be accommodated comfortably in two places in one day.
  • Including Aveiro: Before arriving in Coimbra, visit the canals of Portuguese Venice.
  • Including Buçaco: Add a trip to the Buçaco Palace, in the heart of the Buçaco National Forest.

By train and bus

There are two types of trains that run from Porto to Coimbra. The trip takes less than an hour if you take the fast train (Alfa Pendular) and costs around € 12. Pay attention to travel time when booking. You will arrive at Coimbra-B station, but you can easily connect to the city center (Coimbra-A station) via a five-minute train ride that is included in your ticket.

Coimbra is also a good place to catch a train to Madrid.

The bus from Porto to Coimbra takes 1h30 and costs around € 12 one way.

By car

The 130km journey from Porto to Coimbra takes about 1h30 by car if you use the A1. Be aware that there are tolls on some of these roads.

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