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How to get the ITV of the car the first time

The price of passing the ITV is not exactly cheap, so we always fear the moment until we know the result of the examination of our car, wishing not to have to pay an even greater amount to repair any fault that has been detected . In order not to have too many headaches in this situation, we recommend that you follow the advice that you will find below so that you fully understand what are the necessary requirements to pass the ITV the first time. The first thing to do is be clear when you have to pass it. If your car is new, you must pass the ITV when it is four years old; if your car is between four and ten years old, it is mandatory to pass it every two years; while if your car is more than ten years old, it is mandatory to pass it every year.

Mandatory documentation

Once the time has come to pass the ITV , the first thing you have to remember is not to forget the necessary documentation, that is, the Vehicle Technical Inspection Card – in case you have already passed an ITV – and the permit traffic. In addition, you have to have valid insurance to pass it without problems. Another recommendation that we advise you to follow is to make an appointment online or by phone. In this way, you will save about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting. Before arriving at the station, it is recommended to have traveled a few kilometers on the highway at high revolutions. In this way, the force of the exhaust gases will expel the residues from the exhaust pipe.

The main reason for not passing the ITV is to have a light on the vehicle that is out, or that illuminates less than it should. It is important that you fix this fault before passing it, since these problems are considered serious defects, and may become serious enough faults to have to pass the ITV again. In the same way, having a defect in the windshield can also become a reason not to pass it, especially if the chip is located in the driver’s vision area.

Components to check

The windshield wiper must also be checked, checking that it is in good condition and that the liquid reservoir is full. Otherwise, it is very likely that your vehicle fails the inspection . Another essential requirement is that the wheels are in perfect condition, that is, that the pressure and tread are correct. Also, you should not forget that they have to be tires approved by the manufacturer. On the other hand, although it may seem silly, having a clean car often becomes a simple and easy little trick that will help you pass the ITV. And it is that a clean vehicle gives a very different feeling than one in poor condition. Tidy up the interior of the car too, to make a good impression on the inspectors.

Finally, pay attention to the following components before you attend the appointment . The seat belt is one of the most important passive safety elements, so if there is any fault with it, it will be considered a serious fault. You will also not be able to pass the inspection if any of your mirrors are badly attached or broken. In the same way, the bumper must be well attached to the car and in good condition; while the license plate, in addition to being well attached, must be perfectly legible.

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