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How to get the most out of an electric motorcycle

An electric motorcycle is one of the best urban mobility solutions that exist today: zero emissions with the DGT ZERO label, silent, comfortable and easy to drive. Seat’s first pure electric scooter, 125cc, marketed under the umbrella of the new division of the Spanish manufacturer, Seat MÓ, reaches a top speed of about 95 km/h and the brand announces a range of about 125 to 130 km. But to offer these excellent features you have to squeeze it to the fullest. And in all kinds of weather conditions or road conditions, above all, so that its performance is not compromised under any circumstances . Specifically, the MÓ is tested from snow, ice, wet roads and sub-zero temperatures; even in sand, dust, desert, unpaved roads and thermometers that exceed 40ºC. That is why, to ensure the best possible performance of this 100% electric motorcycle, the ‘Quality and R&D’ team of Seat’s MÓ motorcycle has put it to the test in two antagonistic landscapes, Baqueira Beret (Lleida) and the Tabernas Desert (Almería), with a difference of 55ºC between one and the other, covering a total of 4,400 kilometres.

“The Seat MÓ quality tests aim to guarantee that the motorcycle will be able to offer power, speed, grip and electric autonomy in any situation”, says Lucas Casasnovas , general manager of Seat MÓ. That is why it has traveled roads and curves, on snow and sand, on wet and gravel pavements, under the sun and in the rain, accelerating, braking; “putting her to the limit”. During the tests, the engineers check that the battery, the components of the bike, as well as the traction and suspensions are not compromised and that the tires do not lose grip .

It is also vital to verify that the totally electric operation of the motorcycle does not vary even in temperatures as opposite as the minimum -10ºC in winter in the high mountain climate of the Pyrenees (Baqueira) and the maximum of up to 45ºC in the middle of summer in the arid Almerian desert. “We must ensure that the durability of the same charge will not drastically decrease in temperatures below zero and at the same time that the battery will not overheat in places of extreme heat,” explains Casasnovas.

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