LivingTravelHow to keep up with the news about Greece

How to keep up with the news about Greece

Stay up to date on events in Greece with these top online Greek news sources. Whether you are traveling to Greece soon or if you simply have a general interest in Greek events, these resources are for you.

General Websites

  • offers news from Greece, updated at least daily from Monday to Saturday (in English only). They list planned strikes, which is useful for keeping up with travel delays in major cities and for traveling between islands.
  • Athens News Agency – The Macedonian Press Agency is updated daily. The news is in English on this page, but they provide other languages, including Russian, Chinese and Greek.
  • For more breaking news about Greece, you can also search Twitter using #Greece, #Atenns, or similar terms. News Facebook also make it extremely easy to keep up with the events around the world (including Greece).

Television news in Greece

  • Sky TV Greece – This link plays all Sky TV programming in Greece, not just the news. In the case of important events, news coverage can be continuous. This is only in Greek.
  • During strikes by journalists who sympathize with other unions, news sources and media in Greece may not be updated. If you want to know what the news is from Greece today in those times, we have found the BBC World News site useful when the news coming out of Greece is scarce. CNN’s international edition is also useful for Greek news, especially Greek news headlines not being covered in the US.
  • The National Herald is an online Greek-American newspaper, covering many stories about Greece, as well as Greek-American news and activities. This is of great interest to Greeks living in the United States.
  • AnsaMed-Greece is a novelty with a business and tourism focus for the entire Mediterranean region, including Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. It is in English, Italian and Arabic. The link leads to recent news about Greece in English.

Other sources of news about Greece

  • GR Reporter has some interesting financial news and analysis as well as general news about Greece. It is based in Bulgaria, so it has a more Eastern European perspective that can be an interesting contrast.
  • Greek Hollywood Reporter is based in the United States and specializes in Greek and Greek-American celebrity news. While it’s mostly fluff, it’s entertaining.
  • Today’s Events in Athens is a list of calendar events in various locations in Athens. It’s from AngloInfo. While useful for foreigners living in Athens for an extended period, most events are not of interest to tourists.
  • Hellenic Shipping News : International news about the shipping industry, as it affects the Greek and Greek shipping companies, which dominate the global industry.

Portugal, Greece and Spain are opposed to reducing their gas consumption

The European Commission proposes that the member countries reduce their consumption of energy to reduce their dependence on Russia, but the southern countries say that this measure is unfair.

Snow chaos in Turkey

Numerous flights to and from the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul also had to be canceled on Sunday due to the effects of the heavy snowfall.

Crashed car ferry towed into port

The Italian car ferry burned on the open sea for several days - now it has been brought to a Greek container port, where the emergency work and the search for missing people should continue.

Search for missing people on burning ferry continues

The fire on the ferry off the Greek island of Corfu has not yet been fully extinguished and temperatures are extremely high. Ten passengers are still missing.

Fewer sources of fire on the ferry off Corfu

The fires on the ferry that crashed off Corfu have been contained. Ten people are still missing.