EconomyFinancialHow to register a company in the SAT?

How to register a company in the SAT?

If you are an entrepreneur and you fulfilled the corresponding procedures for the establishment of a company, you should have checked that you must also register with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to comply with your tax obligations and thus avoid any problem.

According to the SAT, when you start your business you must comply with the following steps:

How to register a company or a business before the SAT?

1. Register in the Federal Taxpayer Registry.

Online at with your CURP.


Enter the SAT Portal.

  1. Select the “Companies” tab, then the “RFC Procedures” section, followed by Registration to the RFC and finally the option “Pre-register your company in the RFC”.
  2. Fill in the information requested in the form and confirm the information.
  3. Print the acknowledgment of pre-registration to the Federal Taxpayer Registry.


In any SAT office.

Deliver the documentation to the staff that will attend to your procedure.

  1. Receive your application and single acknowledgment of registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registry, or acknowledgment of unfinished submission of registration application or notice of update in the RFC, which contains the reason why the process was not completed.

Choose the type of tax regime.

Obtain a password and electronic signature to access the electronic services offered by the SAT.

2. You must also issue receipts.

Issue receipts or electronic invoices, as the case may be, every time you sell something or provide a service. It also requests invoices for the purchases you make. If you have workers, you must submit an electronic payroll receipt for the payments and withholdings you make.

3. Register your operations.

Always record your essential income and expenses for your activity. Use the SAT tools, depending on the type of scheme in which you are registered.

Requirements to register a company in the SAT

  • Fill out and print the form that is. You can get it at the following link:
  • Have the Constitutive Act of the Company or Business.
  • Bring proof of address in the name of your company, yours or one of your partners.
  • A power granted by your company to the legal representative (normally it already comes in the Constitutive Act).
  • official identification of legal representative.

How much does the SAT charge for having a company?

A company or business begins to pay taxes when it generates income and it is distributed as follows.

  • 30% Income Tax.
  • 10% profit.
  • 10% PTU (employee profit sharing).

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