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How to travel from Lisbon to Paris

Planning a trip from Lisbon to Paris and having trouble sifting through your travel options? Lisbon is almost 900 from Paris, making flying the most pragmatic option by far. But if you prefer not to fly for some reason, traveling by train or car is always a possibility and can be a good option if you want to travel through Spain or the south of France on the way.


International companies, including Iberia, British Airways and Lufthansa, and low-cost companies such as Easyjet offer several daily flights from Lisbon to Paris, arriving at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and Orly airport.

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For a long, leisurely trip to Paris from Lisbon, you can take the Altaria night train to Hendaye in southwestern France, and then take a high-speed TGV train to Paris. The trip will last approximately 20 hours, so it may be a good idea to end it with a spin around the French Basque Country.

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Driving from Lisbon to Paris?

Driving will take a long time: about 17 hours if you were driving non-stop. It is better to make one or more stopovers along the way. Remember that when renting a car, you are likely to incur steep fees when picking up the car in one country and dropping it off in another, and don’t forget about toll fees, either, when weighing the possibility of driving.

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Arriving in Paris by plane? Ground transportation options

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