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How to watch Twitch streams in Spain during the blockade you are suffering (updated)

Updated 6:45 p.m .: the block has been lifted and Twitch should work without problems for any user in Spain.

If you live in Spain and have tried to enter Twitch to see your favorite streamer, you will have found a black screen with Error # 2000 that prevents you from seeing the broadcast no matter how much you update and reload the screen. If you have encountered this problem, calm down because it has a solution, as we will explain in the following guide.

How to watch Twitch streams in Spain during the blockage you are suffering

As we have learned from our colleagues at Xataka, the Twitch error comes from compliance with a court ruling by which the operators have blocked said domain at the request of Telefónica Audiovisual, which has requested it by mistake. In addition, the official account of Twitch Spain has not commented on the matter, despite leaving thousands of users without being able to see any channel on the platform .

As we said, if this problem is affecting you, you just have to follow the following steps to watch any streaming again:

  • You download the Opera browser.
  • You install it on your computer and open it.
  • Go to the browser settings, located in the upper right, and activate VPN.

If you have done everything indicated, it should be enough. Even so, if your usual browser is Chrome , you can also install this VPN extension and do exactly the same. And if you use Firefox , here is the extension. Just install it and activate the VPN.

In any case, this is not a definitive measure and it is to be expected that sooner or later everything will return to normal. Until then, this seems like a good temporary patch for streaming on Twitch.