NewsHurricane lows are coming: DWD announces "full-fledged storm situation"...

Hurricane lows are coming: DWD announces "full-fledged storm situation" for days – "It's getting serious"

Stormy times are ahead of Germany. The DWD weather service expects hurricanes and storms from Thursday.

  • The German Weather Service (DWD) expects storms and hurricanes from Thursday (February 17, 2022).
  • A hurricane low over the North Sea ensures a “full-fledged storm situation in Germany”.
  • We will keep you up to date on the current storm situation in this ticker.

Offenbach – The weather* in Germany is still rather calm. That changes dramatically over the course of the week. Storm and hurricane gusts threaten.

“This is a weather situation with a high potential for severe weather,” reports the German Weather Service (DWD). The DWD has already issued advance information before “Storms and gusts of wind” on Thursday (February 17). Official severe weather warnings will be issued at a later date, the DWD points out via Twitter.

Hurricane low “Xandra” ensures “full-blown storm situation in Germany”

“The situation is slowly getting serious,” summarizes meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal . The first storm low hits Germany in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Next on Friday. The hurricane * low over the North Sea on Thursday is currently the focus of weather experts. According to the DWD, it ensures a “full-blown storm situation in Germany”. The north and center of the country are particularly affected.

Severe weather in Germany: DWD warns of storm conditions from Thursday

According to the DWD, gusts of wind and severe gusts of wind in the lowlands of 80 km/h to 110 km/h are possible in northern and central Germany. At the North Sea and in the mountains, the wind then sweeps across the country at up to 120 km/h, i.e. hurricane strength.

In the south the wind is a little weaker. But even there, gusts of wind (up to 85 km/h) and in the mountains gusts of 110 km/h to 130 km/h are to be expected.

The DWD warns that gusts of more than 100 km/h are dangerous: “For example, trees can be uprooted and roofs damaged. Look for cascading branches, Roof tiles or objects. Close all windows and doors! Secure items outdoors! Try to avoid staying outside!”

Storm force hurricane from 117 km/h wind speed

  • hurricane on the Beaufort scale
  • The Beaufort scale divides winds into different strengths: 12 Bft is called a “hurricane” according to the Beaufort scale.
  • 12 Bft: Wind force 12 is referred to as a “hurricane” on the Beaufort scale.
  • Wind force 12 corresponds to more than 117 km/h, more than 32.7 m/s or more than 64 kn.
DWD-Unwetter-Warnung: Wetterdienst warnt vorab vor Orkan und schweren Sturmböen ab Mittwoch.


DWD severe weather warning: weather service warns in advance of hurricanes and heavy gusts of wind from Wednesday.

Storm situation over Germany continues

On Friday the wind weakens temporarily. But then storm number two threatens. According to the current forecasts, it remains dangerous. Weather expert Dominik Jung: “The storm situation will last until Sunday, probably even longer. The strongest wind developments will probably occur on Thursday and Friday, as well as in the night leading up to Saturday!” The youngster also provides the prospects for the coming days:

  • Tuesday: 5 to 10 degrees, mixed, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds and showers
  • Wednesday: 7 to 13 degrees, changeable with showers and heavy rain, wind increasing in the evening, stormy on Thursday night
  • Thursday: 7 to 14 degrees, throughout the day, lots of clouds, stormy, partly on the sea and in the higher altitudes hurricane gusts, showers again and again
  • Friday: 8 to 17 degrees, risk of storms! Hurricane-like gusts possible all the way down between the middle and the north, around 110 km/h. At higher altitudes up to 150 km/h. rainy weather.
  • Saturday: 6 to 11 degrees, mix of sun, clouds and rain showers, very windy.
  • Sunday: 6 to 10 degrees, squalls, lots of clouds, rain
  • Monday: 6 to 10 degrees, mixed and very windy, rain showers

The temperatures are far too mild for the time of year. It could be the warmest February month since weather records began, Jung suspects. By the way: The first forecasts for spring 2022 are here. A clear trend is emerging in the leading weather models. March, April and May bring that. (ml) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Picture gallery: © DWD / Ulrich Wagner / imago

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