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Hurricane over Germany: schools in NRW closed – several federal states are also reacting

Two hurricane lows in Germany are already causing DWD warnings on Wednesday, and a storm surge must also be expected on Thursday night. Schools are also affected in many places.

  • The German Weather Service warns of storm and hurricane gusts.
  • Due to the weather, school in North Rhine-Westphalia is canceled on Thursday; Saarland makes school attendance free. (see first report)
  • Bremen also decides to close the schools on Thursday. (see update from February 16, 5:16 p.m.)
  • This news ticker about schools in connection with the hurricane is regularly updated.

Update from February 16, 10:28 p.m .: After it had already been announced that the school would be canceled in parts of Upper Franconia on Thursday (see update from February 16, 7:12 p.m.), there are now some in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate due to the stormy weather Regions of classes on Thursdays. The districts of Tirschenreuth, Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Schwandorf, Amberg-Sulzbach and the cities of Amberg and Weiden are affected.

Hurricane causes school cancellations in several federal states:

Baden-Württemberg: Parents in affected regions can decide for themselves on Thursday whether to send their children to school.

Bavaria : School closures on Thursday in parts of Upper Franconia and the Upper Palatinate.
Upper Franconia: Districts of Coburg, Hof, Kronach, Kulmbach, Wunsiedel
Upper Palatinate: districts of Tirschenreuth, Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Schwandorf, Amberg-Sulzbach

Brandenburg : No face-to-face classes on Thursday (February 17).

Bremen : No face-to-face classes on Thursdays – distance/digital classes instead.

NRW : Schools remain closed on Thursday.

Saarland : Parents decide on Thursday and Friday whether to send their children to school.

Update from February 16, 7:12 p.m .: Bavaria also reacts to the storm warnings from the German Weather Service. Because of the predicted hurricane-like gusts in parts of Upper Franconia, classes are canceled on Thursday. This initially applies to the city and district of Coburg, the city and district of Hof and the districts of Kronach, Kulmbach and Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge, as the authorities announced on Wednesday evening.

Update from February 16, 6:05 p.m .: After NRW, Bremen and Saarland, the Brandenburg Ministry of Education is also suspending the obligation to be present on Thursday for all students in the state. Safety is the top priority, the ministry said on Wednesday. Absence from class on this day is therefore generally considered an excuse. However, teachers and other educational staff should appear in the schools to offer support if necessary.

In parts of Baden-Württemberg, too, parents in affected regions can decide for themselves on Thursday whether to send their children to school. “If the way to school is not reasonable due to extreme weather conditions on site, parents can have their child exempted from class,” said the Ministry of Education on Wednesday with a view to the severe weather warnings from the German Weather Service (DWD). The school must then be informed. According to the meteorologists, the districts and regions south of Baden-Baden and Calw down to the Swiss border could be affected.

Update from February 16, 5:16 p.m .: Face -to-face classes on Thursday (February 17) are also canceled in Bremen due to the storm warnings. Instead, the Bremen education authority announced that it would switch to distance teaching/digital teaching. Supervision should be guaranteed in every school. NRW had previously announced the school closure for Thursday (see first report).

In Lower Saxony, the decision on a possible school cancellation due to the extreme weather conditions lies with the districts. In Saarland, school attendance will be exempt for the next two days (see first notification).

First report from February 16, 4:10 p.m .: Düsseldorf – Two hurricane lows in quick succession cause severe weather warnings in many parts of Germany. There is a risk of a storm surge on the North Sea, and in NRW classes will be canceled at all schools this Thursday due to a feared storm with violent gusts of wind. School Minister Yvonne Gebauer surprisingly said this in the Düsseldorf state parliament on Wednesday. The decision was made after consultation with the German Weather Service. A second federal state is also reacting, in Saarland school attendance is to be exempted.

Hurricane over Germany: lessons at schools in NRW are cancelled

As school minister Yvonne Gebauer explained on Wednesday, she did not want students to go to school “in the eye of the storm”. Family Minister Joachim Stamp asked parents of daycare children that they should “please look after their offspring at home tomorrow.” The schools would be informed, the minister said. The district governments also acted accordingly at short notice. The DWD has announced severe gusts of wind, hurricanes at high altitudes and wind speeds of 10 to 12. The legal basis of the order is a decree that also applies to extreme weather events.

Hurricane over Germany: Saarland also reacts to storm warnings

And Saarland is also reacting to the storm warnings for Germany. The Ministry of Education has released school attendance in Saarland for the next two days. “In extreme weather conditions, the legal guardians decide in the morning whether the way to school is reasonable for their children,” said the ministry on Wednesday in Saarbrücken. Adult students decide for themselves. Those who stay away from class must notify the school, it said.

The schools could also “decide independently whether it is necessary to avert danger by not allowing the lessons to take place due to the weather”. In these cases, however, emergency care must be offered if possible. Winter holidays in Saarland are from February 21st to March 1st.

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