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Ice express on the way to Germany – but still snow for Christmas?

Shortly before Christmas, the weather in Germany changes again. But a cold air front from Russia gives hope for a white Christmas.

Kassel – A crackling stove, in front of it a decorated Christmas tree and outside the snow is falling softly: this is what most people dream of shortly before Christmas. But in the week before the fourth Advent, Germany first experiences a weather * change in the other direction. In most regions, the snow is unlikely to survive this *.

In some cases, temperatures in Germany are expected to rise to a double-digit level. However, cold air masses from Russia could bring ice and snow for Christmas, estimates the qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung. But will the “Russian Ice Cream Express” make it to the festival on time?

Weather in Germany: December too mild so far – will the Ice Express bring about a change?

So far the weather in Germany is too mild for December. Compared to the 30-year average, December will be around 2 degrees warmer after this week (KW 50), says Jung. The temperatures should reach a spring-like level this week. The weather forecast for the week at a glance:

Monday (13.12.021): 5 to 11 degrees, here and there drizzle, little sunshine
Tuesday (December 14th, 2021): 6 to 12 degrees, mostly dry with haze or fog
Wednesday (December 15, 2021): 5 to 11 degrees, haze, fog, some sunshine
Thursday (December 16, 2021): 4 to 10 degrees, lots of clouds, haze and fog, some sunshine
Friday (December 17th, 2021): 4 to 10 degrees, still very mild, little sun and a lot of clouds
Saturday (December 18, 2021): 3 to 10 degrees, mixed, fog, haze and dry, little sun
Sunday (December 18, 2021): 5 to 11 degrees, mild weather, some sun, haze and high fog
Monday (19.12.2021): 4 to 8 degrees, still very mild, always haze and fog.

Sometimes temperatures of 13 degrees can be reached, even at night there should be hardly any frost. So first of all, some relaxation before the “Russian Ice Express” may come to Germany. Below 600 meters it should be over with snow for the time being, says graduate meteorologist Marco Manitta from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. After the fourth Advent (December 19, 2021) the temperatures could drop again.

Winter in Germany: According to meteorologist Jung, the weather will change

For most, however, the focus should be on the weather after the fourth Advent. It is not yet possible to say with certainty whether there will be new snow in Germany by Christmas, says Dominik Jung.

However, one thing is already certain: It will be colder again this Christmas. How much the temperatures will drop is not yet clear. “The range currently ranges from around 0 degrees to extreme cold whips with daytime values of minus 10 degrees and night values below minus 20 degrees,” says meteorologist Jung.

Schnee zu Weihnachten? Schafft es der Eis-Express pünktlich nach Deutschland? (Symbolbild) 

im Stadtgarten, Christbaumkugeln mit Katamaran *** Constance, winter in the city garden, Christmas tre


Snow at christmas? Will the Eis-Express make it to Germany on time? (Symbol image)

Christmas 2021: Will there be a white Christmas in Germany?

It is also still unclear whether there will be snow at Christmas *. In the calculations of the weather experts, however, a white Christmas appears again and again, the ice express could make it possible.

The reason for the possible onset of winter is a cold air front moving from Russia towards Germany: Jung also describes the phenomenon as the “ice express”. When this will actually reach Germany remains to be seen as well as the first reliable snow forecasts for Christmas 2021. (Lucas Maier) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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