LivingIncrease your intelligence in just 20 days

Increase your intelligence in just 20 days

crucigramaForget about crossword puzzles and listening to Mozart’s music all the time.If you want to improve your intelligenceit is best to take time each day to practice alittle exercise called “n-back training”.

During the recent annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in Washington (USA), the psychologist John Jonides, from the University of Michigan, presented a study that shows that the practice of this type of task during20 minutes daily within 20 dayssignificantly improvesfluid intelligence, that is, the ability to reason and solve new problems, which is a crucial element of general intelligence. And that the effect lasts for at least three months.

In the “n-back” tasks, a figure is shown or a sound is played and a subject is asked to press a key when a stimulus is the same as the one that was repeated a number of positions before – for example, two in in case of2-back) -. This involves memorizing and recalling a number of cycles of stimuli in succession. The work shows that the more training people receive in the “dual n-back” task, the greater the increase in fluid intelligence. According to Jonides, the “n-back” training usesa crucial brain function known as working memory, which is the ability to maintain information in an active, quickly accessible state, especially in conditions where there are distractions or interference.

Neuroimaging techniques were used to study the effects of this training on the brain. “After training, people showed a reduction in the volume of blood flow in active brain regions when they did the training tasks. And they had increases in the volume of blood flow to those same regions when they were not performing the tasks,” they explain. .

Users who want to test their skills with single or dual n-back training can visit: or


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