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Integration of North America will occur with a greater understanding between partners

With issues such as the T-MEC or the relocation of supply chains, there has been much talk of strengthening North America, of turning it into a more competitive region, however, to achieve it, it is necessary that a greater and better understanding between trading partners, considered Rolando Pablos, secretary of state of Texas.

The official considered it necessary to work on improving bilateral relations between Mexico and Canada, as well as between Canada and the United States; as well as in the relationship between the three business partners.

To achieve this, there must be coordination, something that has not happened so far, he lamented during his participation on Thursday afternoon at The North American Way forum held in CDMX.

Pablos spoke of the need to take the message to the streets and ground it at a level that can be understood by everyone. This understanding has to be given not only on a commercial level, but also in other areas, he said.

For example, it is necessary to increase the number of exchange students between the three T-MEC partners, as well as greater integration between the Canadian and Mexican communities living in the United States.

Nearshoring came as an opportunity for the region, this on the side of private initiative. However, there is also work to be done at the state government level in the three countries, said the former Mexican ambassador to the United States, Dionisio Pérez-Jácome.

It is necessary to think in the long term in the infrastructure of North America: ports, airports, highways and everything related to processes at the border.

The former Canadian ambassador to Mexico, Pierre Alarie, considered that people are being forgotten, reiterating the point of the lack of greater understanding between the three countries.

Alaire lamented that there are currently fewer than 6,000 Mexican students in Canada and fewer than 5,000 Canadian students in Mexico.

The former ambassadors agreed in pointing out that strong leadership is needed not only at the government level, but also in the private initiative, and society and in everything that involves the three countries as a region.

Having access to the two great oceans -Pacific and Atlantic-, the demographic bonus; access to natural resources and having a trade agreement make North America the best region, the former ambassadors pointed out.

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