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Interjet assures that it will denounce former managers for embezzlement

Carlos del Valle, deputy general director of Interjet, assured in a video published during a Colombia tour, that he will denounce former executives of the airline for embezzlement, specifically of Colombian nationality. Although he did not make a direct mention, among the former directors of the company that enter this profile is William Shaw, former CEO of Interjet.

“We will present some complaints here in Colombia about officials who worked at Interjet in past administrations,” said the manager in the video posted on social networks. “There was an embezzlement, we will file those complaints.”

William Shaw was CEO of Interjet between January 2019 and June 2020, at a time when businessman Alejandro del Valle took over 90% of the airline’s shares, which he acquired from the Alemán family, founder of the airline, a transaction that has even been sanctioned by the Federal Economic Competition Commission for not being notified on time.

Since November 2020, Shaw has led Ultra Air, a new Colombian airline in the low-cost segment that started operations this year, and which competes with others in its category in the domestic market such as Viva Air, and even with Avianca, the largest airline in the South American country.

The eventual complaint against William Shaw would be added to sentences that have been determined against other directors of Interjet, as was the case in recent weeks of Miguel Alemán Velasco and Miguel Alemán Magnani, founders of the airline, who were sentenced by the Federal Court of Justice and Administration to the payment of 689.3 million pesos for taxes withheld and not paid by Interjet during fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

Carlos Del Valle, son of the president of the airline’s board of directors, Alejandro del Valle, also stated that the airline will fly to Colombia next year, despite the fact that it has not been able to rise in the Mexican market, where the company assured that it will restart operations at the beginning of this year.

“Next year we will fly here,” he said, referring to Colombia. “Right now we will make a tour to speak with airline directors, airport directors, and try to fix all the mess that we had in past administrations.”

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