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Internet connection problem: how to find and fix it

Whether you usually work with the internet, or if you use it to browse some web pages in your spare time or update your profiles on social networks, it is very likely that at some point or other you have felt that frustration caused by the notice that, right at that moment, you don’t have an internet connection.

Although it is true that, with the arrival of fiber to many homes, network drops are usually not as common as when the connection worked by telephone (or even through ADSL), there are still quite a few problems that can cause an internet connection fails. Needless to say, when we tend to connect regularly via WiFi (indeed, loss of signal or problems with it are usually some of the most stressful and common problems).

1. Restarting the router

The truth is that it is often one of the first things that work. And it is something as simple and simple as resetting the router , which is the modem, router, cable box or any other device that brings the internet to our house. In fact, in most cases it usually eliminates any temporary connection failure and error, since it “forces” the device to reconnect again from scratch.

How to do it? Most home routers have a reset button that we can find on the back. Although some experts advise directly disconnecting the router from the mains and waiting at least 30 seconds, before proceeding to restart it again. Then we will have to be patient and wait a few more minutes to see if the incident has been resolved automatically.

2. Test with various devices

If you are in the second step, it is probably because the first did not help you much. The next technique is to determine if the problem is indoors or outdoors .

And a quick way to check is to see if your computer, mobile phone, or digital tablet can connect. If possible, the ideal is to connect your desktop or laptop computer directly to the router with the help of a new Ethernet cable.

However, if none of the devices you have tested is able to connect then it is quite likely that your ISP has problems . Sometimes they can be specific -and local- incidents of the network, which tend to be solved after a few minutes or a few hours.

It is possible that the company offers some information about it on its official website or on its social media profile. Otherwise, a good idea is to call the technical service directly to report the incident .

The WiFi connection offered us the possibility of accessing the Internet comfortably and easily without the need to use an Ethernet cable. But it is not without problems, especially when there is some type of incident related to the quality of the signal .

The truth is that if the wireless connection worked correctly, but no longer does, it is necessary to do some basic tests. For example, it may be useful to connect to the internet with the help of the Ethernet cable . If the internet connection works completely, then there may be a one-time problem with the wireless connectivity.

It is possible that restarting the router as we explained at the beginning can be of some help.

4. Other useful tips

Experts advise keeping both the software and firmware of all devices properly updated .

However, if you think that someone has been able to access your router by having free WiFi access (without a password), it is convenient to go to its configuration and add one.

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