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Iranian film director Babak Khorramdin is dismembered by his parents for being single

Brutal crime in Iran. The film director Babak Khorramdin has been assassinated and later dismembered by his own parents for being single at the age of 47. It is a so-called ‘honor crime’, that is, the murder of a person by one or more members of his family, due to the belief that the victim would have caused his family to be discredited because of his sexual behavior The murder, as reported by the Police, was completely rugged. Babak’s parents anesthetized him, stabbed him to death, and dismembered him so they could move him out of the family home. The parts of his body were found in the city of Ekbatan, near Tehran, the country’s capital, in garbage bags and suitcases. Baak Khorramdin did not even live in Iran. The film director lived and studied in London but had traveled to his country of birth to visit his family and try to work there as a teacher. There he would have had a strong argument with his parents because he was still single at 47 years old, something that led his parents to kill him for damaging his honor.As seen in the images, the parents removed the remains of their dismembered son from the house in bags and suitcases and calmly climbed into the elevator to get rid of it. Babak’s father has acknowledged the facts. According to Mohammad Shahriari, director of the Tehran Criminal Court, the man has confessed to the murder and has subsequently thrown his remains in the trash. Both parents have been detained while the police investigation continues, but the extreme cruelty and wickedness of these parents does not end here. In addition, they would have confessed that a few years ago they also ended the lives of their daughter and son-in-law.”The parents of Khorramdin confessed that they killed the son-in-law of the Khorramdin family in 1390 and the daughter of the family in 1397 in the same way, that is, dismembering the body and transferring it to the trash,” said Shahriari. Babak studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in 2009 and did a master’s degree in film. After that he moved to London to continue his audiovisual studies before returning to Iran with the idea of teaching film. Father’s confession Babak Khorramdin’s father told the Tehran Criminal Court that he is happy to have murdered his son. The veteran of the Iran-Iraq war, Akbar Khorramdin, 81, confessed to having killed his son and assured: “I am relieved … I no longer have any worries in my life.” The alleged murderer defended before the Justice that “since the pandemic of the coronavirus and online classes, Babak had taken the students home three days a week under the pretext of giving them private lessons. “It was interesting that Babak only brought female students home. We didn’t know if they were really students, ‘he says. Akbar Khorramdin went on to say that his son asked his mother to cook for him while he retired to his room with his guests, whom they assumed he was sleeping with. “I asked my son to get his own place,” he said, “but Babak refused; He said that only his corpse would leave our house. Sometimes he hit us. ”“ On May 14, I went with Babak to do some exercise in Ekbatan and told him again that I would sell my car and give him his share so that I could rent a house for him. Babak reiterated that he would not go anywhere. I warned Babak that he was either leaving, or that I knew someone who could get 10 million tomans to be killed. Babak smiled and said:’Do not be silly. I am Babak; no one can do anything, ‘”says the father. He then went on to describe the murder itself:” When I got home, I told my wife that Babak would not agree to leave the house. We decided to kill him. My wife poured a lot of sleeping pills on Babak’s food, and when my son was half unconscious, I stabbed him to death. “” Then we took the body to the bathroom, but since we couldn’t get the body out of the house, we cut the body of Babak to pieces with a knife and a machete. After packing the body parts, we threw them into three trash cans, “he confessed.

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