FunIs it dangerous to breathe helium? Everything that can...

Is it dangerous to breathe helium? Everything that can happen to you

Helium is one of the most used elements for scientists. It is used for multiple tasks such as in medicine, performing MRIs , as well as being essential for the maintenance of spacecraft, radiation monitors or telescopes.

But helium also has a fun component for humans. We are not going to fool ourselves and we must admit that most of us have inhaled at some time. If we do it this way, casually, and very occasionally, the item is not dangerous. The problem comes when it becomes a habit and we inhale helium often.

Common element

Helium is a lighter element than oxygen itself. It is the second most common element that we can find on our planet, and even our own body contains small doses of helium distributed throughout the body.

Being less heavy than oxygen, one of the most common uses of the element is to make balloons fly. Helium has long also become an act of fun when inhaled by people as it makes our voice change, leaving us with a funny tone.

If we do not do this often, there is no problem, since helium is not toxic to humans. The problem comes when this becomes a habit. Here our body could have certain problems in the long run.

In great quantities

As we say, if we inhale large amounts of helium, that is when we can have health problems. A large inhalation can cause suffocation, the element enters our blood and would replace it for what would come a time when our body would collapse from asphyxia.

Likewise, another of the deadly effects that inhaling the element can have is that our larynx contracts , due to the vibrations it produces when inhaling helium.

Cases of death by inhalation have been documented in the world although they are very rare cases and with high numbers.

Although death is usually rare, inhaling helium in large quantities can cause dizziness, fainting, or fainting, caused by the lack of oxygen in our body.

In very extreme cases of inhalation, our body can suffer a pulmonary hemorrhage, common if the inhalation occurs directly from the mouthpiece of the high pressure tank. Therefore, it is advisable to swallow helium from outside the pressure nozzle, since it will not have so much force as to enter our body in large quantities.

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