FunIs it true that milk is good for heartburn?

Is it true that milk is good for heartburn?

Many times when we feel heartburn in the stomach we usually notice immediate relief just by drinking a glass of fresh milk but suddenly after a short while, we feel that heartburn again, why does milk seem such an effective remedy for this ailment but then it doesn’t seem be so good? Is it true that milk is good for heartburn?

Is it true that milk is good for heartburn?

Heaviness, bloating and belching . But also that strange burning sensation in the “pit of the stomach,” in the center of the chest, just behind the breastbone, and often down to the throat. These are the most classic symptoms of stomach acid or heartburn.

On the other hand, when the burning tends to rise upwards , until the acidic gastric juices or the remains of food reach the pharynx, the cause of everything is undoubtedly gastroesophageal reflux . In this case, symptoms are considerably worse when lying down and improve with moderate physical activity.

Stomach acid pain usually occurs about an hour after the end of a meal and can last for several hours. Don’t worry, normally the disorder should go away on its own: it takes the longest to recover gastric balance, which can vary from person to person.

But be careful! When heartburn is “low,” it is most likely gastritis or a gastric ulcer. If the burning is a little concentrated under the stomach, mainly on the right side, however, it may be colitis or duodenal ulcer : in both cases the disorder does not affect the stomach, but the intestine.

Is milk a remedy?

The belief that milk is good for those with stomach acid stems from the fact that it produces a feeling of relief immediately after drinking it. Being a food with a fairly neutral pH (6 – 6.8), milk effectively buffers the acidity of the gastric content.

But in reality it is better to avoid the use of milk , because it contains a large amount of calcium that stimulates some cells present in the stomach lining to secrete gastrin, a hormone whose function is to increase the secretion of acid.

Whole milk is even richer in fat and protein, and its digestion only slows the emptying of the stomach. Gastric juices stay longer in the stomach, thus being able to easily return to the esophagus.

Milk therefore has an illusory power, because if at first it gives a positive feeling, after a while the discomfort will return and the acidity will continue to manifest itself. A good solution would be to drink the so-called “milk” of soy (since it is not milk but a vegetable drink), instead of cow’s milk.

Soy drink, a better remedy against heartburn

Soy drink has a much lower calorie content than the others (cow’s milk contains twice as much fat as soy milk). In addition, the soy drink is lower in fat, does not contain cholesterol and, therefore, could help reduce gastritis and reflux disorders , also helping to keep blood cholesterol levels under control. But as with everything, do not overdo it since it could favor the appearance of kidney stones.

What are the correct heartburn remedies?

To avoid overly aggressive stomach acid, it would be good if you make an effort to counteract it, without necessarily having to use antacid medications. To do this, here is a list of tips that will surely be useful to overcome this terrible ailment once and for all:

  • Immediately after eating, do not sit down and above all do not lie down. Instead, walk for at least 15 minutes .
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight at the waist . Avoid tightening belts, leggings, or tight jeans.
  • Eat lightly for dinner . Foods that are too large and foods that tend to accentuate stomach acid (such as meat or fried foods) are difficult to digest.
  • Don’t overindulge on carbonated or exciting beverages , such as tea, coffee, energy drinks and cola, fruit juices, and alcohol. It is they that stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.
  • Obviously, if you suffer from heartburn, try to avoid acidic foods such as fruits, citrus fruits, tomatoes or spicy foods: these tend to irritate the gastric mucosa that lines the stomach walls.
  • A good reason to quit smoking . Now that you have decided to work on your stomach acid problem, you should know that nicotine is one of the most harmful factors for gastric health (as well as for the rest of the body, including the intestine), because it stimulates the production of acidic juices and slows the emptying of the stomach.
  • Avoid raw vegetables that stimulate the secretion of gastric juices such as lettuce, radishes, horseradish, cabbage, onions, peppers or carrots or otherwise subjectively difficult to digest.
  • Drinks a lot. Drinking still water at room temperature, chamomile, linden infusions (with soothing properties on the mucous membranes) or infusions in general are an immediate remedy to feel a relaxing effect that helps digestion.
  • If you are in bed and have stomach acid, you should know that there are positions that can help you: lie on your right side or try to lie down with your head slightly elevated, in a way that favors the discharge of stomach contents into the intestine.

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