FunIs it true that the full moon bleaches clothes?

Is it true that the full moon bleaches clothes?

A widespread belief in some rural areas holds that if the laundry is left to dry at night, when there is a full moon, the clothes will be especially white and shiny. Well, the idea, although it may seem fanciful, has, like other popular beliefs, its scientific foundation.

The explanation starts from the following premise: when the full moon shines clearly in the sky, it is a sign that the atmosphere is clear . This environmental situation gives rise to a greater condensation of drops of humid air -dew- that, once dissolved, impregnate the clothes. And among the components of the spray there is an oxidizing product similar to that added to laundry soaps and which, when fixed on the garments, gives them a more intense white.

In short, sheets, underwear and other laundry will be especially impeccable if they are laid out at night when the full moon is shining.

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