NewsIs the golden autumn coming? Weather expert with a...

Is the golden autumn coming? Weather expert with a clear forecast

At the moment the weather in Germany is rather changeable. A meteorologist is now explaining whether we can look forward to a golden October.

Kassel – After the rather disappointing summer, many people in Germany now want a sunny and warm autumn. In the last few days it has been stormy and changeable in many areas – but that could soon change again.

Weather expert Dominik Jung from actually gives hope for a golden October. From the middle of next week, the gray clouds should initially clear and ensure warm, sunny autumn weather.

Weather in Germany: Meteorologist promises golden autumn

In many places, the last few days have raged even stronger storms or even hurricane gusts in Germany * – the north was particularly affected. A tornado * raged in Kiel and carried people into the water. In the west, however, there was hardly any sign of this: the warm and beautiful weather prevailed there. Among other things, temperatures around 20 degrees were reached. In the southwest the thermometer sometimes showed 26 degrees. Extremely unusual for early October.

Wetter in Deutschland: Ein Experte macht Hoffnung auf einen goldenen Herbst.


Weather in Germany: An expert is hoping for a golden autumn.

Looking back on September, Jung realizes that it was already way too warm. In addition, there was also less rainfall than usual. According to his forecast, this trend will continue in October. From Wednesday (October 6th, 2021) it should be much friendlier nationwide. Due to the rising high, the lows around the Atlantic would not have a chance to reach us at first.

Mega high reaches Germany: This is how the weather will develop over the next few days

The weather situation should remain stable for several days from then on. According to the meteorologist, rainy autumn weather cannot initially be assumed. From Friday (October 8th, 2021) the weekend should be particularly warm and sunny. Here and there there are supposed to be a few fog fields, but the sun finally settles through during the day. Values between 16 and 21 degrees are then possible.

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In addition, no drop in temperature or the onset of winter can be seen in the weather models until mid-November. Also, little rainfall is in sight in the coming weeks. “Golden October is in the air,” reported Jung. It could be the second month in a row that ends too dry. (Alina Schröder) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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