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It will take time to enjoy the OPPO Reno 5G, especially gamers

If there is a killer application for 5G smartphones, which also integrate a chipset with artificial intelligence (AI), that is gaming. The high data transmission speeds that can be managed in mobility, the low latency or response time, and the graphic qualities that the new GPUs or graphic processing units will provide, will make fifth generation smart phones the object of desire of lovers of games, esports or whatever they want to call themselves. And Oppo has put a pike, but not in Flanders, but in Switzerland. There, the local operator Swisscom has become the first to launch 5G services in Europe, and the Chinese manufacturer OPPO took advantage of the situation to scrub its competition that you do not have to be a market leader to be the first to innovate, but everything contrary. Rarely does the leader take risks, and OPPO has done so, although it seems that it will take some time to see this device working in Spain.

But this is not an obstacle for us to talk about it, its innovations, and its characteristics. Cristiano Amón, president of Qualcomm, has said it actively and passively, whenever he has the opportunity, the last one in San Francisco a few days ago on his ‘AI Day’, “5G and artificial intelligence will change everything.” And it is that the brain that the OPPO Reno carries in its guts is, of course, from Qualcomm. With the Snapdragon 855 platform, with its 5G and artificial intelligence capabilities, this device is currently the most powerful on the market, as long as all its qualities can be squeezed out, of course, in a 5G network.

From a design point of view, OPPO’s Reno series is distinguished by its unique angular pop-up camera. This innovation hides the front camera, earpiece and flashes within the pivoting frame for a simplified full screen. It only takes 0.8 seconds to complete the full pivot lift and display the front camera at an 11 degree angle.

The pivoting sliding structure has passed strict quality tests and can be used more than 200,000 times without failure. So if an average user opens the camera about 100 times a day, the frame will work for 5 years of use. A fall protection mechanism can detect in real time when the phone is in free fall, and automatically retract the camera to avoid any damage. I attest to this, we tested it in the team’s exhibition area, and it is spectacular.

Although Huawei was ahead of OPPO with its incredible 10x and 50x hybrid zoom that includes the P30 Pro, the OPPO Reno 5G and the Reno 10x Zoom integrate a no less interesting triple camera solution. One “48MP HD + 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera + 13MP Main Camera on Telephoto Camera.” The three cameras work in tandem to maximize their respective advantages and optimize image quality at various zoom ranges to achieve hybrid zoom. In addition, the Reno 10x Zoom uses Dual Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for the main camera to ensure high-quality photos at any time.

We have not been able to test it on the street, and we do not know very well when we will be able to do it, to compare the Ultra Night Mode 2.0 of the OPPO Reno, for example, against Huawei’s P30 Pro. What they say at OPPO is that its Ultra Night Mode 2.0 takes advantage of AI, HDR and multiple frames of noise reduction to achieve effects such as noise reduction, manual stabilization, suppression of reflections and dynamic range, allowing users to achieve a level of brightness and detail that normally exceeds the limits of human sight. “When taking a photo in night portrait mode, the camera can automatically distinguish a human face from the background and offer special protection for the portrait, ensuring that the skin color is reddish and making the portrait more attractive.”

We are waiting impatiently, or we will go to Switzerland or the United Kingdom, since OPPO will also launch its Reno 5G with EE (former EeveryThing EverWhere) there this year, to test 5G cloud games, augmented reality and virtual games in multiplayer mode, or high-speed, low-latency downloads and uploads. Meanwhile, Spanish gamers will have to wait to play LOL, Call of Duty or Fortnite on the move and with 5G, or they can enjoy watching on Twitch how they do it in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

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