SportJack Miller reigns in the chaos of Le Mans;...

Jack Miller reigns in the chaos of Le Mans; Marc Márquez falls twice and leaves

Jack Miller achieved his second consecutive MotoGP victory after winning the chaotic French Grand Prix, the fifth round of the season in the premier class of motorcycling. The Australian overcame changing conditions, as the race started dry, then switched to rain bikes and finally ended in bright sunshine. Marc Márquez, who started from sixth position, was one of the great protagonists of the race recovering his best sensations from before the humerus injury. The Catalan got to put in first position with the change of bikes when the rain appeared on lap two and he endured several laps until he suffered his first crash of the race. From behind, Quartararo tried to hold the Ducati of a Jack Miller that Despite a fall and two penalties, he managed to catch up with the World Cup leader. The Frenchman chose to conserve and not risk, gradually losing contact with the Australian and falling to third position on a final podium made up of Miller, Zarco and Quartararo.Márquez, despite his fall, got back up and rejoined the race in eighteenth position. The eight-time world champion took out his pride and began to overtake rivals, rolling almost two seconds faster than the head of the race. The Honda rider was going to face Valentino Rossi for tenth place in the race when again the bike went ahead losing, this time, any option to return to racing. Jack Miller had a placid end of the race confirming that We are facing one of the most open World Cups of all time. Ducati seems the strongest bike, Yamaha the most complete and Honda is yet to come. Marc Márquez knows that he is in time to return under his jurisdiction.At least the speed and competitiveness have been felt again.

Official: there will be GP of Catalonia of Formula 1 until 2026

The Circuit de Catalunya has renewed the contracts that allow it to host the F1 and MotoGP world championships until 2026.

Marc Márquez looks at himself in Doohan's mirror | MotoGP

Mick Doohan experienced a situation similar to that of Marc Márquez. An injury prevented him from winning in 1992 and 1993. But in 1994 he came back stronger and won the first of his five titles.

Márquez breaks down in tears: "I want to be my usual Marc again but...

Marc Márquez was thrilled again after getting his first win after injury. "Now it's time to thank," says the one from Cervera who broke into tears when he remembered everything that happened to get here.

Marc Márquez couldn't hold back the tears on the bike when he won the...

Marc Márquez was emotional after the victory in the German Grand Prix, perhaps the most special of his MotoGP career.

Goodbye to 'democracy' in MotoGP: the 'tyrant' Marc Márquez returns to power

Marc Márquez has returned to being Marc Márquez. And that's good news for him, for those of us who love motorcycling and for MotoGP. But not so much for his rivals because, as soon as he respects his health, that kind of democracy in which anyone could win has ended. With the tyrant Márquez… Continue reading "Farewell to 'democracy' in MotoGP: the 'tyrant' Marc Márquez returns to power"