FunJeff Bezos, Amazon founder, will make history by flying...

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, will make history by flying into space on July 20

The founder of Amazon, and the richest man in the world today, put aside his company Amazon to pursue his passion: space. His obsession since childhood was to see the Earth from the sky, and on July 20 he will finally fulfill his dream, within the reach of very few.

Since I was five years old, I have dreamed of traveling into space. On July 20, I will go on that journey with my brother . The greatest adventure, with my best friend. » confirmed the Amazon mogul. In addition, an unknown crew member who will be known after a draw, will be lucky enough to fly into space with Jeff Bezos and his brother.

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The flight will be carried out through Blue Origin, a company and project that Bezos himself founded to unleash his dreams. The end of his mandate at Amazon will then coincide, since this July 2021 he will leave his position as CEO of the company to dedicate himself to other projects.

100 kilometers

After six years with many tests and trips into space in unmanned aircraft, the one known as New Shepard will leave Earth and travel about 100 kilometers above sea level. The spacecraft will leave Texas and land about ten minutes after it leaves Earth.

When the spacecraft reaches that estimated height of 100 kilometers, the capsule will detach from the spacecraft so that the privileged crew members can see the planet from the sky and descend again in a few minutes. It is estimated, if all goes according to plan, that Jeff Bezos and his companions will not be more than ten minutes in the New Shepard , and they will only have about 3 minutes to enjoy the planet from beyond the stars.

A guest

This flight on July 20, 2021 will make the Bezos brothers the first space tourists in history. And they will not be alone. Bezos wanted an anonymous person to have the opportunity to travel with them into space.

To do this, on June 12 there will be an online auction where a person from anywhere in the world will go up to the New Shepard with Jeff Bezos and his brother.

So far, more than 6,000 people have been registered who must meet two requirements: measure between 1.52 and 194 and weigh between 50 and 100 kilos.



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