FunJeff Bezos wants to create space colonies: "Humanity needs...

Jeff Bezos wants to create space colonies: "Humanity needs to get off Earth"

The most talked about news of the week has been Jeff Bezos’ trip to space . On board the ship ‘New Shepard’ and accompanied by three other crew members (his brother Mark Bezzos, the 18-year-old student Oliver Daemen and the 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk), the former Amazon adviser managed to overcome the recognized border from space, located 100 kilometers above the planet Earth. Well, now Jeff Bezos is already thinking about his next goal: the creation of space colonies .

Beyond space tourism, the American tycoon has explained that the true objective pursued by his company ‘Blue Origin’ is to move industries away from Earth and find new material resources through space . He assures that he has realized that humanity cannot continue to inhabit the Earth indefinitely.

“Everyone who has been in space has said that it changed them and that they were amazed, stunned, by the Earth and its beauty, but also by its fragility, and I could not agree more”

The former Amazon adviser is convinced that to ensure the survival of humanity it will be necessary to build these space colonies. The first step would be to install them on the Moon, where several million people can develop professional jobs and exploit new resources to meet the growing demand of those who continue to live on Earth.

But is this really the solution? In the scientific community there are conflicting positions. In any case, the idea of Jeff Bezos is not new since different personalities have spent decades talking about the creation of space colonies to house millions of people . Jeff Bezos points out that his ideas are based on the theories that physicist Gerard K. O’Neill raised in the 1970s.

However, considering the current legislation, the construction of space colonies is not an easy task.

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The world’s most powerful tycoons are in a race against time to dominate “other galaxies .” This Tuesday, Jeff Bezos, has arrived in space aboard the ‘New Shepard’ rocket, built by his own company, ‘Blue Origin’.

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