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JK Rowling: Quidditch leagues want to rename themselves over allegations

JK Rowling has come under fire for allegedly transphobic tweets. Now the Quidditch leagues are trying to distance themselves from her.

Frankfurt – With over 500 million copies sold worldwide, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling is more successful than any other fantasy book volume. In this series of books, Joanne K. Rowling invented the sport of Quidditch and thousands of people around the world are adapting the game, which otherwise requires a flying broom, for real life.

The Times reports that the leagues in which players are organized in over 30 countries now want to change their names to distance themselves from the author. Both the US umbrella organization US Quidditch (USQ) and the Major League Quidditch (MLQ), a league that is represented in both the USA and Canada, want to change their names in order to distinguish themselves from the roots of the sport and its Solve inventor.

Quidditch aus dem Harry Potter-Universum in Münster


A player from the Bonn Rheinos (r) fights at Quidditch in Münster against a player from the Bielefelder Basilisken.

Transphobic Tweets: For Joanne K. Rowling, trans women are not “real” women

The trigger of these renaming plans are allegedly transphobic tweets, which the book author published on the social medium. There the author made fun of an article which used the word “menstruating people” for biological women.

Rowling wrote: “Men who menstruate. I am sure that there was once a word for such people. Help me get started. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? ”Of course it is clear that Rowling was referring to women, the word for women in English. The criticism did not come from trans activists alone, as with this statement JK Rowling denied trans women the status of being real women.

Harry Potter author confirms her statements

Given the tweet alone, one could have got the impression that the author only wanted to criticize the term “menstruating people” and did not think of trans women in general. Rowling defended himself against the criticism on Twitter, however, with hints that suggest that trans women are not “real” women out of conviction: “If the gender is not real, the reality of life for women worldwide will be wiped out”. (lz)

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