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Mads Mikkelsen wishes he had talked to Johnny Deep before replacing him in "Fantastic Beasts 3"

Actor Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t stop. If a little less than a year ago it was announced that he would replace Johnnny Deep in the third installment of Fantastic Animals , another renowned franchise such as Indiana Jones also hired him for his services. The Danish actor combines the most successful American blockbusters such as Doctor Strange and Rogue One with smaller European film productions such as Another Round and Horsemen of Justice . However, Mikkelsen’s being showered with projects doesn’t take away from the fact that he would have liked to speak to Johnny Deep , before taking on his role in the Harry Potter prequel.

In an interview with The Sunday Times , the actor justified taking on the role of the villain so quickly: “They called me and they were obviously in a rush, and I loved the script, so I said yes. I know it was controversial for a lot of people, but this is how it happens from time to time . ” Mads Mikkelsen also pointed out that he cannot get into the private aspect of the artist stating that he does not know what happened to his life or if it was fair that he lost his job but he knew that the production was underway: “I would have loved to talk to him if he had had the opportunity, but I don’t know him in that sense ” .

Obviously, the Bond and Marvel villain had nothing to do with a process involving only Warner and Deep . More than half a year ago, the actor confirmed the resignation proposed by Warner, after losing a defamation lawsuit against The Sun newspaper for a terribly defamatory headline. “I want to let you know that Warner Bros has asked me to resign my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Animals and I have respected and accepted that request,” wrote Deep in a statement. Mikkelsen already mentioned that he would try to make his own Grindewald, because he neither wanted nor could copy something that Johnny Deep had done.

“To copy it would have been a creative suicide”, affirmed the actor, to later finish on the creation of what will be his Grindelwald: “I had to discover something that was definitely mine and, nevertheless, also act as a bridge towards what he had done. ”.

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