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Juanes returns to his "Origin" with the exclusive documentary of Amazon Prime Video

Hailed as “One of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2021” by Rolling Stone magazine, the superstar’s 10th album is a carefully curated collection, back to the roots. Amazon Prime Video will premiere the documentary on the same day, showing never-before-seen footage from Juanes’ early years.

Juanes presents, hailed as “One of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2021” by Rolling Stone magazine, the superstar’s 10th album and 25-time Grammy / Latin Grammy winner. Which is a carefully selected collection, back to the roots, that reimagines some of the most important songs and artists that shaped the beginnings of his musical vision.

Twenty-five-time Grammy / Latin Grammy winner Juanes and Universal Music Latin Entertainment announce a May 28 release date for the 10th album “Origen,” by the multi-platinum Colombian rock superstar, and their companion documentary Amazon Exclusive at Amazon Prime Video. Fans can watch the first official trailer for the documentary and begin pre-ordering / preloading the album starting today.

In preparation for the album and documentary, a Juanes-focused episode of the biographical series, “Mi Historia,” will launch on May 19 on the Amazon Music app, where Juanes offers an intimate look at his early career. .

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As the leading global ambassador of Latin rock for two decades, Juanes has won over fans around the world with his distinctive style built on a foundation of intelligently crafted compositions, a deep passion for rock, and a similar respect for indigenous and traditional rhythms. from his native Colombia and Latin America.

Now, using his skills as a music teacher, honed throughout his career, he passionately returns to his roots to share a brilliant collection that reimagines some of the most important songs and artists that shaped the beginnings of his life. own musical vision.

“Our Origin is where the course of our life and our place in the universe begins and takes shape. For me, it is built on the love for music that was instilled in me by my family, an appreciation for my culture, and the discovery of the songs and artists that touched my soul for the first time. ‘Origen’ is my personal tribute to many of those artists and songs that had the greatest influence on me prior to my solo career. These are the songs that continue to be a map that I constantly return to to remind myself of who I am, where I came from and where I am headed. It is the music in the depths of my heart that will never be forgotten ”, Juanes assured.

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Co-produced by Juanes and multi-Grammy winner producer Sebastian Krys (who also spearheaded recent award-winning albums for Elvis Costello) this energizing album features precision instrumentation and production throughout a track list spanning Original styles as diverse as tango, merengue, heavy metal, folk, reggue, vallenato, pop and of course, rock, where Juanes frequently completely reimagines sound and style as fusions across multiple genres.

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The two singles from the album just released in advance have provided a first proof that they have already caused excitement on the part of fans and critics alike , while Juanes’ adrenalized rock and gospel version of the song “El Amor Post del Amor ”by Fito Páez has already been praised as“ One of the best new songs of the spring ”, by NPR, with others adding“ This is Juanes as you’ve never seen or heard him before… The great Colombian rock sounds like a reborn artist … And takes it to the highest level, bringing an encouraging and moving performance… as a symbol of hope and rebirth ”.

This exceptional reaction has continued, as Juanes makes a shift in focus by releasing a deeply emotional and personally introspective version of Bruce Springsteen’s global classic, “Dancing On The Dark,” which was quickly praised by Springsteen scholar and host Dave Marsh. from E-Street Radio who said that:

“One of the best covers of a Bruce song I’ve ever heard… I can’t remember the last time I heard a cover of a Bruce song that was half as good as this… he took a well-known song and made it his own… which is How do you make Rock & Roll truly universal… and like Springsteen, he cares a lot about the people he’s singing to and singing about ”.

“Origin” will launch in conjunction with an Amazon Exclusive documentary, showing performances of the new songs on time capsule sets , in the style of classic television shows from three different eras.

With executive producer José Tillán, winner of the Emmy and multiple Latin Grammy, the co-executive producer Jesús López, Chairman of Universal Music Latam & Iberia, and director Kacho López, multiple Latin Grammy winner, the special also shows Juanes speaking on the making of the album and interacting with his fellow composers, Juan Luis Guerra, Joaquín Sabina Fito Páez and Ziggy Marley – who share their first reactions to the new interpretations of his work.

Viewers will also see Juanes opening up to the public in a very personal way, explaining how these songs influenced him, and also sharing never-before-seen images of him and his family, in their early years.

Songs list

Rebellion – Joe Arroyo

Back – Carlos Gardel

Our Oath – Julio Jaramillo

La Bilirubina – Juan Luis Guerra

Every Man Is A Story – Kraken

Love After Love – Fito Páez

Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley

Without Measuring Distances – Diomedes Díaz

I Have No Money – Juan Gabriel

Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen

De Oro – Andre Family

And They Gave Us Ten – Joaquín Sabina

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